Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress Report

~ Potty Training: Keziah is a pro at keeping her princess panties dry. I don't really worry about "pee" accidents with her anymore. She's usually dry for her naps as well. But, we'll have to continue to work on the pooping part. She tends to hold it for a few days and then poop in her pull-up after we put her to bed. I haven't worried about it too much yet, but hopefully she'll get it figured out sooner than later...

Here's Keziah after her meeting with a blue marker:

~ Room Sharing: So far, so good - as long as Micah is sleeping before we put Keziah in there. Micah can sleep through pretty much anything. Micah is usually up at 6 am sharp, but most mornings Keziah has continued to sleep until closer to 7.

Micah re-enacting the Tim Horton's commercial they had running over the holidays:

Making his sister laugh:

~ Kidney Stones: I haven't had any pain since my hospital stay, but I was unusually tired for about a week after. I've also experienced a few intense dizzy spells. My doctor figures my body is still recovering from all it went through and said that this incident came right at a time in pregnancy when many women complain of exhaustion.

Evidence of my pregnant klutziness - macaronis everywhere:

~ Pregnancy: I thought that I wouldn't be as anxious for this little one to be born seeing as it will make my life pretty busy and exhausting with three, but I also don't remember being this uncomfortable so soon in my other pregnancies. I heard someone say once that with their third pregnancy, their body just started to "fall apart". I laughed at the time, but now I'm starting to understand :P Aside from my whole kidney stone incident, I have been extra sore, tired, uncomfortable, irritable and huge! I could blame it on a number of things - like the staircase that I have to climb ump-teen times a day now, or the 2 kids (some days more) that I have to referee all day. I was especially discouraged at this week's appointment to discover how much weight I've gained this past month. I have NEVER been pregnant over the Christmas holidays before, so I'm chalking it up to that :) Not even the throwing-up-and-not-eating-hospital-episode stopped my body from packing on the pounds! And I know it's not just me, because at least 2 people have looked at me and thought I was ready to have this baby any day.

This picture's blurry, but it's probably better that way since I took it early this morning :)
Me at 32 weeks, 2 days:

~ Erik's Work: We have felt thankful for Erik to have steady work these last couple of weeks - and it looks like his next several weeks will be taken care of as well. Despite being in a season of "less", we've felt encouraged in our faith in God's provision. We've even experienced some unexpected blessings. We continue to trust God, that he knows the future even if it's only made clear to us one step at a time.


Karen said...

Well, Jamie! I hope these last few weeks go fast for you! Don't be discouraged! Your body is doing what it's supposed to be doing for this baby! And, March is the perfect time to have a babe - a few more weeks of winter to recover and then off to the park, spending time outside, walking and'll be in those skinny jeans again soon! :) Keep smiling!

kelly said...

great successes with the kids - that's awesome!
Taeya loved the Tim's commercial too, and often says, "Snap! Check it!" (is that the one he's re-enacting?)
I think you look fantastic Jamie, but very much respect how you are feeling. I hope you are able to find the endurance to get through this last stretch.

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

Wow, can you come potty train Aiden:) I think you look awesome but definitely haven't forgotten how not awesome I felt pretty much through out most of my second pregnancy. I received many oh my gosh you must be ready to pop, comments, and still had like 2 months to go.
Wishing you good night sleeps, energy for the day and time to go by fast!

Trev and Rebekah said...

If you are going to potty train Aiden, can you potty train Is.? Was it easier to potty train Micah or Keziah?
Jamie, I think you look beautiful and I don't think you have put on a lot of weight. You look like you are only carrying baby which is good.
And Praise the Lord about Erik's work and the blessings you've received.

GSFALK said...

Blessed are thou - we look forward to meeting your third bambino. about 8 at once! (We just watched the news from LA.)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry that you're feeling so uncomfortable!
praying that those weeks will pass by quickly for you!

Kathy's corner said...

You look great girl. I can imagine how busy you are. Though you might feel overwhelmed at having 3 underfoot, after awhile you get used to that as well. thanks for the upadates. The kids look great..Love mom