Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Ambitious

Erik and I spent the weekend finally re-organizing and getting our closets in order. The nursery upstairs was getting overrun with toys and all the baby paraphenilia, so we needed a plan. In the end, we made the crawl space under the stairs into a playroom and did some shuffling around to accomodate the extra stuff in the closets and attic. Unfortunately, we picked a busy weekend to take this on since we were on worship team Sat night and Sun morning and we had also agreed to host family supper on Sunday night. I know I went way too hard - climbing those stairs a few too many times and moving a few too many boxes. My body was aching by the end of the day. But we had a beautifully clean and organized house which felt amazing!

On Mondays I babysat a little boy, and since my housework and organizing was all in order, I figured we could tackle Valentine's cookies! Yesterday morning I mixed up the dough and gave the kids each a little bit. Keziah quickly figured out that this dough was edible, but I don't think her little friend caught on :) He was happy just to roll and cut while my kids pigged out!

Later, after naptime, we iced the cookies. I gave each of them a bowl of icing, a bowl of sprinkles, a plastic knife and a few tiny heart cookies. They were SO quiet.

We created quite the mess in both the morning and afternoon, and I spent most of the day cleaning up after them, but it was worth it!

After supper I took the kids out to Superstore since Erik was working late and we needed a distraction (and a few groceries). As I waddled through the store I realized how achy and sore and generally gross I felt. All I wanted to do was be home on my couch in my sweat pants! But I still had to get the kids home, get them in bed and unload all the groceries. By the time I finally sat down in front of the TV, I could barely get up again!

Here's me at 34 weeks:

I thought I'd post a comparison picture from October when I was wearing the same shirt at about 16 weeks.

Sigh. I can't wait to look normal again.


Amber said...

Ah yes valentines cookies. that's on our agenda as well :) more like our wish list. i have a love/hate relationship with the idea! way to go for doing such a fun activity with the kids!!!! and cute pics too.

you are looking so great! only a few more weeks to go!

Kara said...

I always loved baking valentines day cookies with my mom. A great tradition.
You are looking absolutely gorgeous despite the soreness and discomfort you may be feeling. Enjoy these last few weeks!

Trev and Rebekah said...

I do love that shirt of yours.
Thanks for doing creative things with my son. That's why he loves it at your place so much.
I'll have to get those pictures off of you some day here or just copy them off from your blog.
Also, remind me to lend you our camera for a day.

Mel said...

Jamie, you look GREAT! You must not gain weight anywhere but your tummy! My whole face, arms, and everything puffed out! Best of luck with labour and delivery - we'll be thinking of you....

Kathy's corner said...

WOW!! Your sure a lot bigger than you were the last time I saw you. You look great!! The cookies look great too. Hugs to all of you..love mom

Anonymous said...

wow, what a difference!
i think it's amazing what your body can do.....esp. the skin!
hope you find some more time to relax this week!

Ej said...

You look beautiful! It won't be long now - praying for you.

kelly said...

wow - that is a busy weekend for a very pregnant lady! take it easy :)
the cookie decorating looks fun! Taeya and I (and my mom) are doing that on Friday.
I pray you will have patience and endurance these last few, achy weeks - 5 months ago is not so long that I forget what it was like!!!

Bonnie said...

You look fantastic Jamie! Other than that perfectly formed basketball under your shirt, you'd probably never be able to even tell you're pregnant. You're lucky to only gain in your belly like that. Hope these last weeks aren't too exhausting for you!

GSFALK said...

It was great to see all of you (take that which ever way you want - hee-hee) on the weekend. Wishing you blessings of patience, energy and health over the next weeks. A.Shirley

laura.h said...

oh Jamie,
You look great and we're so excited to find out if we'll have a new nephew or niece! Micah and Keziah can be expecting something in the mail soon. I mailed them each valentines cards and treats on Wednesday.

Jen said...

Those cookies are absolutely perfect!! If those are the ones the kids made them I am VERY impressed! Sign me up for some kids like them!! Enjoy these last few weeks.
The Glen One

Wenona said...

Mmmmm! I want a cookie - they look so yummy!
And, like everyone has already said, you look really great. All baby. Wow, it's such a perfect belly. I can't wait to be introduced to your newest addition! Yay!

Janelle said...

you look BEAUTIFUL my friend, and i can't WAIT to hear the new news of the newest Toews!!! i'm just so excited for you & i know this baby is coming into a home filled with soooo much love! i can't wait to see Keziah with the baby - she'll be the best big sister! :) love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look so yummy! And I can't WAIT to look like you in just 25 or so weeks! You look awesome!!!!!!!

Drea said...

awe.. u look so cute!