Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Schmalentine's

Ok, not the best Valentine's Day ever. But, it's been a long time since I've had high expectations on February 14th anyway. The kids and I had fun doing V-Day things this week. Sugar cookies, making cards, having a party at playgroup and eating chocolate.

Playgroup party:

Chocolate from Mommy:

Some goodies that came in the mail this morning from the Manitoba cousins:

Erik was in bed pretty much the whole day on Saturday with a nasty cold/flu. When he emerged from his hibernation and heard about the chocolate we were enjoying, he said in a hoarse voice, "Oh. Happy Valentine's Day." Erik stayed home that evening while I took the kids to Grandpa/ma's for supper, heart-shaped jell-o jigglers and - you guessed it - more chocolate.

It's OK, hon. I know our love goes much deeper than a hallmark holiday :)


Kathy's corner said...

Amen to Mom that!! I gave dad a card, and when I asked where mine was, he said;"i gave you the trip'. We did go to a fundraiser in Killarney and had a good supper, and a great comedian.

Anonymous said...

yep....when david was reminded that it's valentine's day, he said: "oh, we don't support all those "made up" holidays, right?"
have a good week

The Keowns said...

glad you got the kids cards. Mom told me the other day that you hadn't got them yet...the kids enjoyed there valentines as well. THey got so much stuff, kids don't just give valentines at school anymore!

Karen said...

You're funny, Jamie! I have definitely lowered my expectations about V-day too! It's not what it once was when we were dating, is it? However, I'm holding out for Dan. His dad is pretty romantic now in his 50s. I don't know what your father-in-law is like in that department, but maybe there's hope for Erik too!