Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Over Yet

This has been the winter of the freak snowstorm:

The snow started on Wednesday morning and didn't stop! A little friend was here that day and after an unsuccessful attempt at taking the kids outside, I remembered an idea that I heard about from a friend on facebook.  Instead of bundling her kids up to go outside, she brings the snow inside to them. So, while Micah played outside by himself, the younger 2 each happily played with their bucket-full of snow inside. I added some food colouring to make it more interesting. I think they thought it was snack time...

Erik stayed home yesterday (Thursday) - not because he couldn't make it to work (he's been working at his parent's house), but because the one tool he needed for his day couldn't be transported to him. So, it was nice having him around, but it means sacrificing Saturday with him since he will have to work tomorrow now.

Erik spent the day entertaining the kids which allowed me to do a few things. Since I still have some room in my stocked-up freezers, I made a big batch of my mom's corn chowder. While I was cooking away, this is what Erik and the kids were doing upstairs:
(the kids never seem to stay fully-clothed when Daddy's in charge)

They also had a puzzle party and put together every single puzzle they could find.

We have been saying all winter that we should get some sort of sled for the kids, but we keep thinking that the snow will be done anytime. Well, finally we went to Canadian Tire yesterday and found ourselves a plastic sled. Erik took the kids to the park in the afternoon to test it out. He didn't feel like taking the camera, so there are unfortunately no pictures of that expedition.
That's all to report today. Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant and considered full term! As exciting as that is, I am totally preparing myself for a full month of pregnancy yet. At least I know that this baby will for sure be here by the end of March!


Amber said...

I know exactly how you feel with preparing yourself for the days past 40 weeks :) But it's good to prepare for that and then not have to be disappointed to go overdue. Either way, you don't have many weeks left - yay!!! I am so curious to know who you are growing in there! And OH the cuteness of another little toewsie :)

ok - bringing the snow to them! brilliant!!! i'm SO trying that next time hailey says she's bored (so, tomorrow i'm sure!)

i can't believe micah's flips! awesome!! and keziah! no fear, eh?!

Anonymous said...

good job micah! i love it when kids are so fearless:) even though sometimes you are scared to death as a parent watching your children doing flips and all that.....

37 weeks...almost there:) ok, i WAS there, because i had both my girls at 37 weeks....hoping that the whole waiting won't be too bad:)

have a great weekend!

Kathy's corner said...

Oh Micah, I love to puzzle. Can I puzzle with you when I come??

Trev and Rebekah said...

You and Erik are so creative!
I have been wanting more soup recipes. I may have to get that corn chowder recipe off of you. And I love the picture of the kids playing with snow. I'll have to copy that one.
It's nice knowing you'll have your kid in March. If you were due on one of the last days of March then you might be having and April baby.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Isaiah and I have watched this movie over and over! He loves seeing the kids in action.

laura.h said...

Jamie could you e-mail us something? Our latop bit the dust and with it everyone's e-mail addresses.

laura.h said...

Jamie could you e-mail us something? Our latop bit the dust and with it everyone's e-mail addresses.

amanda salmon said...

diedre saw the video "lets try that!" uhmmmmm

looking forward to seeing the new babe!

Anonymous said...

On the picture with Keziah on Erik's lap , she looks like she has inherited the "Harder's" shorter legs.It will be an exciting time waiting for the new arrival. It looks like that will be pretty soon.