Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Stuff

Last Saturday we took the kids to Cultus Lake for the afternoon.

I was surprised that the kids actually got right into the frigid water!

Even I got used to the water after a few minutes of floating on the air mattress. I could've lounged out there all day and left Erik on the beach to deal with the kids... but before long they were calling me back :(

Anyway, it was fun to be out enjoying the summer and hopefully we'll take more opportunities to do those kinds of outings since I doubt we'll get any camping in this summer.

On Tuesday we celebrated Caleb's 2nd birthday with some good food and some swimming in Doug & Elissa's pool.

Here's the birthday boy:

Micah and Keziah were more than eager to help with gift-opening and candle-blowing. Thankfully Caleb didn't seem to mind their help, though I don't expect him to be as courteous next year :)

Last weekend we went to Ikea to get a shelf we've had our eye on. For the kids, going to Ikea is just about as exciting as it gets - I think it's mostly for reasons that are edible (namely hot dogs, cinnamon buns, macaroni and cheese and frozen yogurt!).

Here are the kids enjoying the many compartments of the new shelf:

We're really happy with the purchase since it tidies up the awkward toy area quite a bit.

I made my first purchase from Etsy this week: a handmade diaper bag. My previous diaper bag has seen quite a bit of wear and tear over the last 4 and a half years and I really wanted something totally different. I've been looking online for awhile already and wanted something that looked nice but was still practical. I found several that I loved but a lot of them seemed hard to keep clean. This one is not only super-cute on the outside, but is lined with vinyl on the inside for easy wiping! I also like that it doesn't have a flap opening (like my old one) and has pockets inside. I'm really excited for it to arrive!

That's all for tonight. Right now I'm enjoying a cool breeze coming in from our patio after some nice thunder showers this evening. Now we're gearing up for a hot week - with the humidex in the mid-forties! Yikes.


kelly ens said...

Wow - i'm impressed that the kids got right into that cold water too!
i LOVE the new Ikea shelf - I'm not sure where I would put it in our house, but i really like it.
i also love the new diaper bag - i'm sure you're going to LOVE having a new one :)

The Keowns said...

love the new diaper bag. I love etsy. I just bought an awesome camera bag from there.

patti said...

LOVE the shelf! looks awesome.
and CUTE diaper bag! what store was it from. i'd still like something like that. i'm still enjoying the days of things spilling in my bag.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Hey, we'd love an outing to Castle Fun Park with you guys. My son still talks about the dancing boots. Today I explained to him that we will soon be leaving his friends and cousins here but that Micah, Keziah and Caleb are in BC. He then said, "oh, they play with me?" So cute!

How far is cultus lake? I'd love to hit the beach when we get out there.

See you soon!

Wenona said...

LOVE that bag! I'm all about finding new bags - whether I need them or not!
And that shelf makes me jealous- oh the organizing I could do in my house! Good thing Ikea is coming to Winnipeg - in a few years! haha!

Rachel Joy ... said...

And your bathing suit? Also very cute! I dream of that shelf. I think it's the perfect solution for toys. It can hold anything. We might get a few of the smaller ones to start off in our new house.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Wish I had more time to comment... argh!

Janelle said...

First off - tell me you are NOT in a bikini and look that amazingly hot after 3 children!!! seriously! jealous!!!
Second off - L.O.V.E. ETSY!!!!