Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back To Normal

Things I love about having my husband back at home:

- Not having to be the sole night-time tooth-brusher. I really don't enjoy the bedtime routine, and I especially hate the tooth-brushing part.

- Someone to change all the lightbulbs that burnt out in the last 3 weeks.

- Me having a leisurely morning at home with Silas and Keziah while Erik does the drop-off portion of the daily school runs.

- Making 2 cups of coffee in the morning instead of just 1.

- Being able to slowly debrief about the little things in my day without the pressure of trying to "say it all" in a phone conversation.

- Having someone to welcome home for supper time :)

- The kids fighting less. Or maybe it just feels like they're fighting less because I don't have to be the only one to deal with it!

(This is me not caring anymore - the day before Erik got home)

(Silas warmed up quickly to Erik after the long separation - something to be thankful for!)

Another bonus of having Erik home? Leaving the house and the kids behind for a day of pampering - hair cut/colour and Life Group girls spa/massage night!

(Here's my new haircut - haven't had in this short in awhile. But I'm loving it!)

The thing I don't love about having my husband back? How our house suddenly feels WAY too small for our family. Crazy how one extra person makes it feel more crowded.
Stay tuned for the solution to that dilemma...


Kim said...

Great haircut Jamie. Glad you have your hubby back and that life is returning to normal.

Karen said...

Oh, man, I feel your pain. I'm not looking forward to being a hunting widow now that November is coming up. I also hate the bedtime routine when I'm on my own. I'm glad for your sake that Erik is home to share the load. I love the photo of you not caring anymore, the day before Erik got home. It's awesome! Great haircut, by the way. You look hip! :)

Jen Glen said...

Love the hair. Very chic. (that's sh-eek) I think you look so much like your sister, Erin, with it short! Yeah for husbands, that's all I gotta say!

Elissa said...

Smiley pants... that's quite the mess you've got going on there! Lookin good Jamie!

kelly ens said...

great pictures - glad Erik is home now! and your hair looks good.
ps. i have a solution for your dilemma too.

Trev and Rebekah said...

I agree with jen!

Love the hair. Loved seeing your whole family on Thursday too

patti said...

what is it about bedtime routines that are SO annoying...i dread them too!
your haircut is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the one too, about not caring anymore. I know the feeling, and yes, you and erin look so much alike, and can't wait for you to share your dilema soloution. love mom

rachel joy said...

Kudos to you for persevering through your solo-parenting. I can just imagine how relieved you were when he came through the door!

I love your hair cut (and the extra pampering you got), and can't wait to read about your solution. :)

Janelle said...

love the hair! it looks beautiful! so glad that Erik is home for you - and so sad he had to be gone so long. :( we should do a phone chat soon! :)