Thursday, September 23, 2010


That one word describes how I'm feeling about this single-mommin'-it time. Erik has been gone for 2 1/2 weeks now. Week 1 was pretty good. I was enjoying being back in my own space after sharing a house with family for the summer, and we had the excitement of those first few days of school to look forward to. But by week 2, those feelings were starting to wear off... and so was my patience.

Now we're in week 3.

Micah asked me the other day why I was allowed to yell and he wasn't. Ummm.... yeah.
To sum up, I don't feel like I'm having my best mom moments these days. But, even though I hate how I feel like I'm doing more "refereeing" than parenting and that the TV seems to be on for more hours than I care to count up, I'm choosing not to feel too guilty about it. And I'm counting down the sleeps until Erik gets back!

I think this time away from Daddy has been wearing on the kids too. Or maybe they're just sick of me. But I feel like they have been EXTRA fighty this week. And yes. I just made up the word fighty.

In other news, tonight was "Meet the Teacher" night at Micah's school. I dropped Silas off with Grandma and me and the older 2 kids went to Micah's Kindergarten classroom.

This is where Micah sits - he was showing me how he practices writing his name every day in his "name book".

Showing Keziah what "circle time" is all about:

I'm pleasantly surprised to see how social Micah is with his classmates. There's one boy in particular that Micah talks about every day and I'm pleased to know he's already made a good friend. Here is Micah and his classmate Jade playing with some alphabet blocks tonight:

Micah is LOVING school - especially gym and recess. But he's also shown a sudden interest in learning to read. They've been reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" this week at school and tonight Micah borrowed the book from Grandma's house and was sounding out the words all the way home. His small successes with reading seem to be motivating him right now, and hopefully that will continue.

Anyway, now it's off to sleep (only 3 more until Erik gets home!)


Elissa said...

I would have been "done" the first week Jamie! Oh Micah... leave it to him to point out your "yelling"... ha!

Mel said...

Oh how I can totally relate to what you're feeling! Before we ALL moved out to, Dave (& the other men) came out 3 weeks earlier than the women & kids. That left ME alone with 3 kids for 3 weeks. And yes, more t.v. than usual, MUCH more fighting (for whatever reason), unfortunately more "raised-voices" from Mom & kids, etc. Hang in there...

Karen said...

I totally hear you! Being a single mom is HARD WORK!! You're almost done! Hope Erik gives you a few days "off" when he gets home! Girls night out, coffee with a friend, hitting the mall or scrapbooking - something just for YOU!

The Keowns said...

reminds me when Steve went to calgary for a week every month when Liam was a year old. it was tough!

Liam is doing the chicka chicka boom boom book at school right now too!

kelly ens said...

seriously, how you've survived 3 weeks without Erik is AMAZING. don't feel too guilty about the yelling or the tv. seriously!
SO glad for you that he'll be home tonight!!