Saturday, September 11, 2010


After a short parents meeting and a teacher-child interview this week, Micah started his first "official" day at Kindergarten yesterday (Friday), even though it was only a 1/2 morning.

Having the brief glimpses of his classroom earlier in the week was perfect - he was excited to go back, meet his teacher again and sit in his special seat with his name on it. However, I could sense his nerves as we waited on the playground the first morning for school to start - even though he wouldn't admit to it :) I watched his intensity as the buzzer went off and he made a bee-line for the place where he had been instructed to line up, a serious, focused look on his 5-year-old face.

(After I reminded him to smile)

I feel totally fine with this new season of Micah going off to school. Maybe the fact that he could've been in Kindergarten last year makes it seem like it's "time"! He's totally ready for this. And I'm glad we waited, because I don't think an every-day Kindergarten entry last year would've been this easy for either of us.

The adjustment for me is going to be the drive. We chose a school that is on the opposite end of the city and I knew that there would be a commute for as long as we remained in our current house, but I also knew I could take the freeway and get there in 15 minutes. Now the freeway is under major construction and is like a parking lot most mornings. I don't plan to risk taking it anytime soon. So, it means driving through the city - trying out different routes to find the best one. It just feels like a LONG drive. My thought yesterday morning as I drove was, "why am I doing this??" But I really do love the school and the teacher and I've already had such a good impression of it in a short time. There are just other factors that have made me wish we would've done things differently this year (factors that I will blog about another day...)

In the meantime, we will embrace this new season with all of its busy-ness, knowing that it won't be like this forever :)


kelly ens said...

SO glad it's going well (aside from the commute).
So glad he's got some familiar faces in his class too :)

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

He looks so grown up! Since Tristen and him share a birthday we will also have to decide whether to send him early or wait a year. I have a bit of time yet, but I know it creeps up really quick! My sister in law has a pretty long commute as well, but she keeps saying it's definitely worth it for a good school in the long run!

Elissa said...

Try to make the most of the morning commute... I actually grew to enjoy my mornings on the road... find some good tunes, bring your morning coffee... that will help!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Think about the good conversations you can have together.

He does look like he's gotten taller. Looking forward to Friday. Isaiah sure is looking forward to seeing you all.

rachel joy said...

I'm so glad you waited too, and it really helped me figure out what to do with Jax, although we're a ways off yet. I thought of a driving route that might work, I'll email you. :)