Friday, April 08, 2011

Subjective Thinking

Just got word from the lawyer this morning... Our buyer's subjects have officially been removed! We are one big step closer to moving!

Initially we didn't think the removal of subjects would be a big issue, but after the inspector told her that our roofs would need to be replaced in the next couple of years, we weren't sure if she was still going to move ahead. I think what happened is that someone freaked her out by guessing on a $20,000-per-unit price tag for a new roof. We did some quick research and found out it would be more like $5000. We still weren't sure if the roof was going to be a deal-breaker, but in the end she decided she could live with it.

Now, to find me some boxes and get packing. Part of our contract includes Erik doing a few renovations in the upstairs of our unit. Since the ideal situation is to have all of our stuff moved out of here before he starts, we have a little over 1 week to pack up and move outta here!



kelly ens said...

i am SOOOOO excited for you guys!!!
good luck with the packing - I didn't realize you'd have only one week - yikes!

Trev and Rebekah said...

And remember we are more then willing to help you move, etc. We are going away to Seattle for 2 nights next week. If you need a place to sleep you can come here. :0)

Kirsten said...

What great news! Can't wait to see what your new home will bring : ) Happy Packing!

Anonymous said...

a week to pack up really isn't that bad. We did it when we left Rupert because we still hadn't sold the house and needed to keep it presentable. It was actually nice to just pack everything and only leave out the essentials for a few days. You can do it!

can't comment on my regular id for some reason ... it's rachel z. :)

Lori Penner said...

So it's official, congratulations you guys...(guess it wasn't meant to be for us)...;)

it was great catching up with you and erik and the kids...all the best on the move!

Love Lori

Bonnie said...

Fantastic news! So happy for you guys!

GSFALK said...

Wonderful - so exciting! If you were simply moving, it wouldn't be too complicated, but you are storing, travelling away for a few months, etc. Make good lists, just in case you need something out of 'one of those boxes'! Have fun.

the Dees fam said...

Better to get all the packing over with in a week than hum and haw over it for months!! You can do it!! Congrats again for getting your place sold! Enjoy the process!