Saturday, April 23, 2011

Temporary Home

It's been one week since we moved out of our townhouse and in with Erik's parents. And so far, so good! The kids have adjusted quite well - it probably helps that Grandma's house is one of their favourite places to be :)

I had good intentions of snapping some photos of moving day, but the camera was quickly forgotten in the chaos of truck picking-up, children dropping-off, directing the flow of helpers and making sure that what needed to go to the house didn't get mixed up with what needed to go to the truck. In the end most of the stuff made it to the proper location. And we were very thankful for all the help: strong backs (and even the not-so-strong backs), childcare, yummy snacks, and company.

But I do have a few pictures of our last week in our house...
Like the random snowfall we had one morning. I woke up to Keziah whispering in my ear, "Mommy, is that hail or snow??" Surprise - April snowfall!

There was at least one little person in our house who was thrilled by this event:

Before we moved out, we had to leave our final mark on the place...

Erik set up this photo of the kids in his garage cabinets as he packed up all his tools out there. Looks more like a family mug shot to me.

Now onto our first week is our new "home"... The kids have enjoyed playing in their new space.
I came upstairs to this rare scene the other morning - Keziah had convinced her little brother to lie very still while she "doctored" him.

Silas enjoying a messy snack:

Fun in the front yard.

Enjoying a sunny afternoon on the deck with Grandpa.

Plant watering - this could keep Keziah occupied for hours.

Up in the treehouse that Daddy lovingly built about 3 years ago when we lived in the basement suite.

Pretend picnic.

Yep, that's a grass skirt he's wearing.

The boy wants to wear it. All. Day. Long.


laura.h said... The grass skirt on Silas is too cute! He is SUCH a cutie! Glad you have settled into your "new" home nicely.

kelly ens said...

that skirt is AWESOME!!! we had one just like it but I threw it out because the grass pieces were breaking off EVERYWHERE!

Bonnie said...

Glad to hear the move went well. Cute pictures! Especially love the grass skirt :)

I just baked your banana cake (w/cream cheese icing) for a baby shower tomorrow. Can't wait to see how delicious it is :) Thanks for the recipe!

Melissa said...

Looks like you are nicely settled in to your temp home! Aren't the sunshiny days perfect for getting outside to play?!?

Jen Glen said...

Is it weird being back where you started out? Glad things went well!