Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Long #93

After a week of renovations and clean-up, we finally handed over the keys and signed the final papers. We are heaving a sigh of relief that this process is finally over!

Below are a couple of pictures of the work Erik did upstairs (as per our contract with the buyer) - replacing the old carpet with laminate in the hallway and bedrooms. I've always loved carpet in bedrooms because of how cozy it is, but the end result looked better than I imagined it would. It helps that he did all new thick door casings and baseboards with it - replacing the puny trim we had up there previously.

This was Silas' bedroom - for a point of reference click here to see how his room looked when we moved in 2 and a half years ago. We obviously painted over the original "peach vomit" colour, and then Erik did a simple trim around the windows a little while later. Now here it is with new laminate and thicker baseboards:

A final look at our kitchen - I've always been really happy with our how our renos turned out in this room. Click here to see how it looked when we first moved in.

The tall cabinet on the left was something we bought and added to the space when we moved in. It provided some much-needed extra storage for pantry items, colouring books, etc. The inside of its doors also became the place where we started marking the height measurements for our kids. When we put our place up for sale, we realized that potential buyers would likely want the cabinet to stay. So, the other day Erik transferred the measurements to an extra piece of laminate and then I tried using my Norwex cleaning paste on it. I quickly realized I would be scrubbing for quite awhile if I wanted it to come off, but we were running out of time. When our buyer came to pick up the keys I mentioned to her that I wasn't able to get the markings off. She quickly assured us that we could take the pantry with us and that she had something else to put there. So, I was really thankful the cleaning paste didn't work this time around :)

(I think she may be on her tippy toes here, but I'm amazed at how much Keziah has grown since her 4th birthday!)

Good-bye number 93!


Elissa said...

Wow! The upstairs looks great with the mini-reno Erik did! Glad you were able to keep the cabinet... it would have been sad to leave it behind.

Bonnie said...

I always knew your reno's provided quite the transformation, but seeing the "before" pictures again just reaffirmed it for me. What is with people and their ridiculous electric colors!?! :) You guys made that place beautiful. Do you think you'll miss it?

Anonymous said...

I have some great memories from there too. mom

Trev and Rebekah said...

I am sad you don't live so close any more. I enjoyed cleaning with you. Was nice to catch up and chat. And so glad you get to keep the cabinet too.

the Dees fam said...

Wow, looks great!! What a beautiful house for the new buyers! I'm very glad for you guys that this process is over too. Lots of hard work paid off!

kelly ens said...

the upstairs looks great! (well it all does, but since that's the only part i haven't seen redone...)