Wednesday, November 02, 2011


When we bought our property, we weren't big fans of all the extra buildings, fences and "stuff" around the yard. So, for the last 2 months, things have been slowly improving.

Back in September, Erik's dad almost single-handedly dismantled the old pig pen...

Most of the material could be burned, but there was a lot of concrete and cinder blocks left at the end which has been a bit of an eyesore.

The area became our unofficial fire pit with plenty of burning fuel! You can see "the pile" in the back left.

The kids were pretty pumped about finding pieces of wood to toss into the flames.

After the old fence posts were removed and everything was burned that could be burned, we were still left with a mess.

Cue the excavators!

The smaller one in the back is living at our farm these days. We're storing it for a family friend, and it's come in handy for many jobs already. But, we hired the big one to come in for a day to do some more heavy-duty jobs.

It was like a live episode of Mighty Machines.

Now we have a nice clear space to put our garden in the spring.

He also dug up some old sidewalks around the shop. And we got rid of some fencing and a brick pillar in this spot.

This space (the back side of the shop) was previously un-usable because of animal fencing and other paraphernalia. Now it's a nice clear space.

We're liking the feeling of some cleared land...

Another area of the yard that's been slowly improving is this little section right behind our back deck. What you're looking at here is a dog cage made from chain-link fence that's been nailed to several trees (including that short stumpy one in the front).

Erik tore down the fence quite easily and then Micah got to work chopping down the stumpy tree with the backside of Erik's work hammer.

He actually spent about 3 hours one day working on this and made quite a bit of progress. But then Daddy & Grandpa had to come in to give it the final push-over.

After which we were left with a slightly shorter stump for a few weeks.

That is, until this past weekend, when Grandpa pulled out the little excavator to dig it up.

Now, the space is chain-link fence and tree stump free.


EJ said...

Wow - it looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

kelly ens said...

lots of work!!! it's looking really great :)

The Koops said...

I love it when you post pics of the house and yard renovations. I'm just so excited to have family members living on a 'farm' again, I guess!

Trev and Rebekah said...

3 hours! That's a lot of work but way to keep him busy! :0)

Bonnie said...

Its looking GREAT! What a beautiful property.

Jen Glen said...

I think that's so funny that you're "storing" an excavator for a friend! Not something you 1). Have to store, 2). Get asked to store, or 3). Have space to store, every day!

Anonymous said...

These transformations are looking great!