Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It's Tool Time

It's that pumpkin carving time of the year again. And in true Toews style, we got the job done with some help from Erik's power tools.

I mean, how handy is a hole saw (with various sizes) for making perfect holes in a pumpkin...?

And after trying some traditional knife-carving on Micah's jack-o-lantern design, Erik thought to himself, why struggle with a knife when you can use a drill and a skill saw?

I don't think pumpkin carving will ever be the same at our house...

Yesterday I snapped some pictures of the kids before they went to school.

My princess.

My monkey.

My elephant (watching the excavators that were hard at work on our yard all day).

(btw - this elephant costume has gotten a LOT of use. Micah, Keziah & Silas have each worn it at least once before!)

Since there wasn't much happening on our street for trick-or-treating, we headed to Doug & Elissa's for the evening.

After a wardrobe change on Micah's part, we got a picture of our motley crew of trick-or-treaters... (posing beside our power-tooled pumpkins).

Unfortunately Micah started dragging his feet about 20 minutes in, and Erik brought him back with a fever and a headache :(

But the other three got to enjoy a few treats before bedtime!

Now there is a LOT of candy and chocolate in the house. I think I may have to hide it from myself...


Elissa said...

I think Caleb's made use of the elephant costume before too-- and maybe next year Eme can wear it :) Hooray for power tool pumpkin carving, super cute costumes and sugar highs :)

kelly ens said...

that DOES look like a very sensible way to carve a pumpkin :)

Anonymous said...

LOl! That's awesome! I love the tools!


Bonnie said...

I know of some 'hard done by' missionaries in Thailand that would gladly take that chocolate and candy off your hands... ;) (jk--haha)
Enjoy the treats!!