Tuesday, October 24, 2006

37 Week Appointment

Saw the doctor today and all seems to be well. He wasn't too concerned about all the contracting I've been having but said it's getting my body ready for delivery - so that's a good thing! He said he was actually delivering another baby on Sunday morning when Erik called into Labour & Delivery so he kind of wondered if I was going to show up all of a sudden. I will see him again next Tuesday and the Tuesday after that which is Nov 7. That could very well be the day that he does the membrane stripping which means I could be having a baby TWO weeks from now! Crazy.

I had to include these pictures of Micah from the weekend. Erik's mom found an old pair of Doug's glasses from when he was little and Micah was having fun trying them on. What a nerdy little kid!


Laura said...

You look like you could be selling insurance!
Love ,
Auntie Laura

Amber said...

2 weeks is like 14 days! When I was pregnant with Hailey I was amazed how we waited for 9 months for our baby to come and then suddenly - just like that - it was time and it felt unreal. Waiting for your baby with you :) You didn't mention still being sick, so I'm hoping that means you are better!!

Oh, and what in the world does that shirt say??

Jamie said...

Amber - the shirt is German for "If mom & dad say no, ask Grandma & Grandpa" :)
And yes, I seem to be feeling better (thankfully!)

Camille said...

soooooooooooo cute!! love those glasses!!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Cute pictures. I am waiting patiently to find out what you have and what you name him or her. Hope these 2 weeks fly by fast for you!

kelly said...

love the glasses & the shirt! and looking forward to meeting the baby soon!

Ej said...

Jamie - those are so cute. Poor Doug - I remember those frames - I think every little kid had them in the 80's

Drea said...

Hey I have an apt. Nov. 7th as well haha. But its only my 33rd week that day.

The stripping worked for me!
Went into labor that day. I was just then 38 weeks