Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family Reunion

Tonight we welcomed home Erik's sister Kristi who has been away in Australia since January. It was great to have the whole family together again. Micah even went with Grandpa & Grandma to meet her at the airport in Vancouver. Auntie Kristi gave him the cutest little "Joey" kangaroo backpack which he loves but didn't want to wear of course!

Rosanna also provided us with some great after-dinner entertainment by giving us some word problems to solve. She picked them up from her PDP classes and we were definitely challenged. Here is Nathan successfully solving the puzzle of cutting one small piece of paper in such a way that he could fit his whole body through it:

Micah had to get in on the action, too.

Micah and I started swimming lessons this week and he LOVES it. He is the oldest in the class and definitely not afraid of the water. He was happy to participate in all of the activites and only protested when we would have to leave one thing to go onto another. His favourite was the little kiddie slide and he quickly became the "slide hog" of the group. We still have to work on sharing and taking turns.

His sleeping is a little bit better these days, but he's developed an odd new habit of sleeping right beside his door. It doesn't matter how many times we move him to his bed, he will go straight back to his door once we leave his room. It started with him sitting there and and crying himself to sleep, but now he doesn't even cry - a few minutes after I shut the door I can hear him walk over and curl up quietly. I don't really mind as long as he's sleeping. I even put a couple of blankets there for him. I wonder how long this phase will last.

I'm starting to "nest" I think - I feel inspired to tie up all my loose ends and get the house in order. I've been going through all the bedrooms and organizing and throwing out stuff. Erik LOVES when I get in these moods - I think he is OBSESSED with sending things to MCC :) I'm not sure if this is my "spurt of energy" or just the pressure I'm feeling to have things in order. I know my life is going to be busy soon and I want to be ready! I've been feeling mostly good - but just more uncomfortable. Getting up from a sitting position, rolling over in bed and picking up toys are all small tasks I would just as soon not have to do. I could barely even cut my toenails this morning... I just can't believe I'm really in my 9th month! When I look at my pregnancy ticker on the top of this page I'm shocked to see that the countdown is in the 20's already! Our lives are about to change again very, very soon...

I'd like to add a prayer request to finish off. Micah's little cousin, Noah, is in the hospital again and the doctors seem to be running out of ideas to keep him healthy and help him start gaining weight. The hardest part is that my sister stays in the hospital with him while her husband is at home with their two other kids. At this point I don't think they know how long Noah will be hospitalized - but it could be for a long time. Pray for them for strength and wisdom to know how to be a family in this situation.

That's all for tonight... I'm off to bed!


Ej said...

Tic toc - wow - you are so close to having this baby. It feels like yesterday we found out you were pg!

Interesting tidbit - when I view your page with firefox - no ticker but when I view with explorer the ticker is there. I can see tickers on other pages so I don't know why I can't see yours. Go figure!

Laura said...

I love viewing your blog! I just can't believe how much Micah is growing. That's great the he loves swimming lessons. Olivia's not to fond of pools, she's used to the lake where you can go in at your own pace.
I've praying for you lots as you get closer and closer to your due date. I'm so excited for you! Micah is going to be a really great big brother.
I kept stacks of Maddy's favorite books everywhere that I was nursing. Maddy loved "reading" to us, or sometimes I read to her.
Love ya,
Love ya,

Laura said...

not sure why I have all the love ya's!!!

kelly said...

i remember friends of ours whose son did the same thing for a while (sleep by the door). It started out with him screaming for a long time, then just fallin asleep. and then he would just go over there to sleep. i don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it was probably around a month. but, they had just moved from alberta too, so it was a new place for him, which may have made the difference.
wow - baby toews is going to be here soon! can't wait to meet him/her!!!

Heather said...

The race is on between you and I Jamie! Haha! I will keep you in my prayers as you get closer to having your new little one in your arms.

Janelle said...

i'm so excited that your countdown is on!! yippeeee!!!!!
i can just see little micah at his door...awww. hopefully he'll realize soon that a bed is much more comfy!!!
hey, what photo program do you use again?

Bonnie said...

That's sweet that Kristi has returned! Was she at Capernwray or YWAM? Hope she had an incredible time! Say a big hello to her for me if you think of it :)

Jamie said...

Janelle - I use Picasa 2 (free download from the internet).

Heather - Yes, the race is on!! By the way, your blog is one of the one's I haven't been able to post on lately :(

Bonnie - Kristi went to Capernwray last year, this time she went back to Australia just to travel.

Laura - Love ya too ;)

Heather said...

Jamie - Hmmmm... not sure why you can't post to my blog. I haven't changed over to Beta yet.

thekeowns said...

glad to hear Micah likes his swimming. I remember Cassidy going at his age and she loved it. Your due date it getting so close, it really could be any day now!