Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our week with Granny & Grandpa

We had a great week with my parents who were visiting all the way from Manitoba. They came just in time to celebrate my birthday with me. We spent the afternoon at Stanley Park in Vancouver - playing with Micah at the park and taking a bit of a walk around the Sea Wall:

That evening we were joined by Erik's family for cake and ice cream. Micah had a lot of fun blowing out all of Mommy's candles for her:

Micah had not seen his Granny since February and his Grandpa for almost a year! I prepped him with lots of pictures and he definitely knew they were coming. Still, it took a bit of coaxing for them to win him over. Grandpa had success using Smarties... Micah quickly learned where he could go to get a treat!

Granny spent lots of time playing with Micah and on Friday they had a fun afternoon at the park together while I went for a haircut.

Thanks for coming Mom & Dad and we'll see you again at Christmas!


Anonymous said...

it was so good to be with all of you. Enjoyed my afternoon with Micah at the park, and just being together. love you guys, and miss you already. I'm sure you'll know who I am at Christmas Micah. love granny

Bonnie said...

Hey Jamie!
Thanks for your encouragement! I do enjoy my work:) Its nice to see that you had so much fun with your family--I can definitely relate to how tough it is to be far away from your family--I feel so blessed to have my parents around now :)
Brianne and I took a trip to Bellingham some sweet stuff! I'm sure you'll get to see some of her "sweet finds!" Have you ever been to the Motherhood store there...great maternity stuff for future times :) Have a great week!

Ej said...

Looks like a fun time - my sister is coming at Christmas and I hope J-man is comfortable with her quickly as it'll break her heart if he makes strange ;-)

thekeowns said...

that is funny about Grandpa and thes smarties. The kids always knows there are treats when he comes!