Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Half a year!

First of all, I have to say that I'm really liking this private blog thing! I didn't know if I would, but I do! I have been overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by the emails from MANY of you who read this blog faithfully but hadn't yet made yourselves known. So, that part's been really fun! And even though I don't know if it will change how or what I write, there's a peace of mind in knowing exactly who my readers are :)

We just came out of a rather dismal long weekend. The weather was cold and rainy (thank goodness we weren't camping!) and all of us were sick at one point or another. It seemed to manifest itself in different ways for each of us and I was the least affected, but it made for a pretty low-key weekend. We did manage to get some things done around the house again though which is always nice!

Potty-training is going mostly good. Peeing on the potty has been a breeze and we are pretty much accident free. I have ventured out of the house with Micah twice now when he's just been in underwear so that says a lot about how he's doing. Doing the ol' #2 seems to be the tricky part. Yesterday he managed to make it to the potty but he still gets quite upset over the whole ordeal!

The above picture is from the other day when I tried to coax Micah to stay on the potty by setting up the laptop and turning Hermie on. (Take note of the new floor, paint and baseboards in our bathroom - our place is starting to look like it's finished!)

Now, for a reason to celebrate... Our baby girl is half a year old today!

The most significant change this last month was in Keziah's sleeping. I worked on teaching her to sleep better & longer - cutting out night feedings and those extra wakings for her soother. We haven't completely cut out the soother but she is no longer waking me up every hour at night to replace it, so I'm OK with that! She is able to settle herself back to sleep without it in the night. There have been a couple of times when I've put her down without it only to go in later and see she's found one in the crib and put it in herself! Fine by me! I think I'll let her hang onto it for a few more months and then take it away completely by cutting of the tip.

Now she goes from about 7 pm to 7 am without a feed and often without waking at all! Yet even though her night-sleeping is going so well she is still a weird napper. I've always had trouble keeping her napping for the proper length. She is an incredibly light sleeper. I put a fan on in her room and yet I still find myself tip-toeing past her room when she's asleep. And if Micah wakes up in the night crying she will for sure wake up too.

Here she is the other day when I woke her up from a nap. Nobody likes a bright flash in their face when they're sound asleep!

I've started supplementing with formula a little more as I'm sometimes unsure about my milk supply, especially in the evening. I could probably build it back up if I tried hard enough, but I don't really mind. I'm not ready to cut out breastfeeding entirely, but this may be the start of a very slow weaning process. Keziah is a very distracted feeder and almost impossible to nurse without dead quiet, so public feedings are just easier with a bottle. She is eating 2 servings of cereal a day now (rice and oats) and I've added the odd serving of sweet potatoes into the mix this past week. It's definitely taken her longer to get into solids than it did for Micah. She is only now starting to get excited when she sees the spoon approaching her mouth :)

As for her developmental milestones, Keziah finally started rolling over a few weeks ago. She mostly does tummy to back but has also done the reverse once or twice. She's not interested in standing at all and never straightens her legs when you hold her up on your lap. I'm not sure if this is lack of leg muscle or just lack of interest... She's also sitting more and more now. Not super stable yet, but getting there! Even though I put down blankets on our new laminate it still feels like our floor is a lot more unforgiving than carpet! And speaking of sitting, I think our bumbo-sitting days may be coming to a close. When I put her in it now she arches her back enough that she almost pops right out!

I can't say that Keziah has been a very contented baby in the last month. She has actually been a lot more fussy than I remember Micah being at this age. I'm not sure what to attribute it to other than teething. The tooth I mentioned over a month ago has not budged from its position directly beneath her gums. I imagine it doesn't feel too pleasant and I hope that it breaks through soon!

Keziah is happiest when she first wakes up. She rarely cries in those moments, but just starts talking - sometimes loudly. Erik says some of her sounds remind him of a barking poodle. I'd have to agree. I'll try to record her sometime so you can hear it for yourselves :) But, yes, she can be quite vocal. Sometimes even in the middle of the night I'll hear her squealing and squawking away before she drifts off again.

OK, this post has been long enough! Time to sign off for the day and tend to my still-sick kids... I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far :)


kelly said...

happy half-birthday, keziah! Wow, she's growing fast. she's so beautiful!
and way to go micah - every 'time' is a reason to celebrate :)
i so remember the distracted nursing months. it was brutal! if she even HEARD alf walking around the house, she would be so done with feeding.
and it seems keziah and taeya are both light sleepers. we always have a fan going in her room at night, mostly so that in the morning when alf gets up, he doesn't wake her up, but it's also for the evening hours before we go to bed too, so we can watch tv or have a conversation without it waking her. i'm still hoping she'll change into a deep sleeper :)

Nathan & Rosanna said...

Yeah! These pictures made me miss you guys. Sorry to hear about the rough weekend. Here is hoping you are all on the mend. Have a good one Jamie! You are a FANTASTIC mother.

Karen said...

What a hunny bunny! I can't believe she's 6m old already! I haven't even had my baby yet, and your baby is growing up so fast!! Time sure flies doesn't it?

Michelle said...

Awwww.....she is soooo cute! And sounds alot like my second!! She seemed to be a little more "high maintenence" than my first! By the looks of her thighs, she seems to be getting enough from you and the supplementing :o) Brooklyn (my 2nd) was a distracted eater and a light sleeper too :p Nursing lasted 3 months for her!! Good job on Micah too!! Soon you'll be completely done with his diapers!!

Amber said...

Wow! Happy 6 months Keziah!!!! Hard to believe that 6 months ago we were reading about you STILL being in your mommies tummy and now here you are! (and now exactly 6 months later I am in the same spot your mommy was in, hee hee!) You are a cutie!!!!

erin said...

i can't see some of your pics either. i will have to check back. You guys are brave about putting laminate in the bathroom. Be very careful with moisture cauze it can cauze it to warp and buckle (we have had this just from a little spilled water) or is it special kind of laminate? not that I am an expert or anything, I know nothing about home improvements!

Anonymous said...

I can comment on this blog now. I cannot believe Keziah is 6 months. She is such a cutie, and good job on the potty Micah. You are such a big boy. way to go!!!love you guys. Hugs and kisses all around Love granny

Anonymous said...

Oh those rosy cheeks from waking up are sooo cute! And the photo of Micah on the Toilet!!! Love it! You should blow it up and put it on your bathroom wall!!! cutie. Livi can't get the hang of rolling from tummy to back. As soon as you lay her down on her back she will flip onto the tummy and squawk. It is so neat seeing them change and learn, eh? Oh the things their older brothers will teach them!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Keziah! Glad to hear the nights are going better. We have the opposite problem. James naps pretty well, but just won't sleep at night. He doesn't want to eat, and he doesn't want his soother - he just isn't HAPPY!

Summer said...

HAPPY 6th Monthe Keziah. She is getting more beautiful every time you post picutes of her.

Jon & Bonnie said...

Hope you're all feeling much better! The kids are looking so adorable. Hard to believe Keziah is already 6 months...seems like just yesterday I was reading your announcement of her birth!
Good luck with the continued potty training!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Thanks for the email about milk supply. We give Isaiah formula every night now after I feed him to fill him up. Then he sleeps longer too.
I like that you had to set up the lap top for Micah. Cute!

Bertha said...

I just want to share that I've worked in the church nursery and for the last 2 years in Pre K. There are kids who fuss more than others and many times the mom had to stay in the nursery(0-2years). I recall one very fussy baby ,our pastor's grandaughter. Even in Prk, there are those that whiney and stubborn. Micah, likely takes after his hyper Dad. You should talk to your mother-in- law.
hope that reassurs you. They can't all be like you and Nichole when you were small. You were both angels.
Ha Ha .