Saturday, March 07, 2009


This was the last week that I had things planned (i.e. babysitting) and now that it's over I am officially ready for this little one to arrive.

Here's me at 38 weeks:

I think the kids are getting excited about the baby too. And I think they understand what's going to happen. I mentioned in a previous post about the birth video that I let the kids watch. They've found several other videos on the same site that they are fascinated by, like how the baby develops inside the womb. A few times a day Keziah will ask me if she can watch "baby comes out" and her latest favourite is "the needle one" where they show a woman getting an epidural. Maybe she will aspire to be in the medical profession someday! It's really funny to me how much she loves watching these little movies, but I think it has actually helped her put 2 and 2 together in terms of what's inside Mommy's tummy and what will soon be coming out to join our family.

I just wish I could give them a specific date for when the baby will get here. How do I explain that it could happen today or it could happen 3 weeks from now?

I managed to get one picture of the kids using their sled last week after the snowfall. We were able to use it a few times before it all melted, and the kids loved it:

Doing some reading on Mom & Dad's bed:

Keziah has been a bit sick this week. She threw up once, but it's mostly been fevers on and off for the last few days. I knew she was sick when she lay in this position for a full hour the other afternoon watching Ellen on TV.

She hasn't been sleeping that great at nights either and has ended up in our bed a few times this week so that we can all get more sleep:

And just some cute pictures of her at Grandma's house yesterday...

I'm going to the doctor every week now and hope to get checked again at my next appointment on Tuesday. I mentioned all the braxton hicks contractions to my doctor and he said that was a good sign and thought another internal exam might even be enough to move things along. Of course I can hope, but I'm not expecting too much to happen after my long drawn-out pregnancy with Keziah. My main desire is for the baby to come either right before or right at the beginning of my mom's visit (she arrives on the 24th). At that point I think I may be desperate enough to try anything - so bring on the castor oil!


Kelly Benita said...

wow...sounds like Keziah's eager for this newest bundle to arrive soon too!
like i said on facebook, you look great, but i totally understand the feeling of feeling totally done :)

Kathy's corner said...

Wow, Jamie, you look ready to pop. I am trying to remember my "guess" date. I have been thinking it is a girl, but now I am not sure. Praying that it will happen before I come, but not to early. Can hardly wait. mom

Trev and Rebekah said...

Part of me wondered if the baby wouldn't have come just after you were done babysitting!
Here's hoping I get to meet the little one this week some time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie!! What can I say that everyone already hasn' many times can you be told that you look ready to pop and how big you are :) But as a member of the mommy club we all know what these last few weeks of waiting are like and I hope for you they aren't that long...I hope everything goes smoothly though and can't wait to read news of the new little one. Now go put your feet up!
Janelle W

Anonymous said...

Heehee - I love your belly in that top! I sure hope you don't wait another 3 weeks - sheesh! I'm thinking of you guys, and praying all goes well. Can't wait to hear the news.

Anonymous said...
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Janelle said...

holy moly Jamie! :) i'm so excited to hear about the new little Toews - can't wait!! :) :) but that tummy of yours looks like it's at max capacity - are you sure there's only one?? and how do you still look so dang beautiful??? seriously!! :)
my friend, who's due on the 18th is getting induced tomorrow, i told her some of my friends would be very jealous! :) :) :) but hopefully yours will decide it wants to meet you sooner than later! excited for you babe, you're in our prayers! love ya.