Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I remember writing a similar post with this same title back in November 2006 when I was waiting for (the very tardy) Keziah to arrive. But, distractions are what are going to keep me sane in these next days before baby comes. My mind is already consumed with thoughts - analyzing each cramp and contraction or thinking that maybe I can force my water to break by sheer will!

At the beginning of last week I wrote myself a LONG list of things that could keep me busy while I wait for this little one. We have also been spending lots of time with friends and family which has been helpful.

Playdate at Kelly's house last week:

At least Ezra was willing to look for the camera!

The kids got to go swimming in Abbie's pool again. They are getting quite brave in the water (as long as their water wings are on!)

The kids love hanging out in the playpen...

Keziah's hair is doing some funky things these days!

I alternate between feeling patient and feeling anxious for this baby to arrive. Mostly anxious :P Especially as I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable. The baby seems to have moved down (which is a good thing!) but I'm feeling more pressure and making (even more) frequent visits to the bathroom!

I'm also really swollen - I have cankles that still reveal the elastic line of my socks long after I've removed them, and hands that are in a constant state of numbness/tingling (and seem to be at their most useless state when I wake up for my frequent middle of the night bathroom trips).

Sigh. I have to remind myself that each passing day brings me closer to the end - and to the reward of a new little babe!

The kids were having some fun with chopsticks and raisins the other day (Keziah likes to experiment with eating with her eyes closed lately too...):

And yet another great shot of Keziah sleeping. I just can't resist pulling out the camera in these situations... :)

Today Erik's mom treated me to a morning without any kids! Sadly it's almost over. Time for me to go grab some lunch before the kids get back...


Kelly Benita said...

Indeed, you are almost done! Sorry that the end is not treating you so well though. :(
love the sleeping shot of Keziah :) how can that be comfortable???
thanks for coming over last week - next time it will be us over there to meet the newest Toews!!!

Summer said...

4 days to go!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Great photos of the kids!!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Yeah for a new post and yet it makes me sad that you don't have the baby in your arms yet. However it also makes me kinda happy that maybe I'll get to have the kids over on Friday morning to help entertain my son from missing his Daddy too. :0)

Glad you've been keeping busy.

patti said...

i'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. i think it's great how you've been keeping busy.
oh and jackson thinks it's funny to close his eyes too when he eats...where do they get these things?

laura.h said...

Praying for you Jamie in these last days of pregnancy. Can't wait to hear about our new niece or nephew! And soon you'll be a part of the "three kids club". It's a wonderful club...although I hear the "four kids club" is pretty good too!
Love you,

Wenona said...

Ahhh, cankles! How I can sympathize. I didn't have ankle bones for the last 2 months of my pregnancy.
That's great that you are staying so busy waiting for this little one to arrive. Wishing you all the best!

Jeff and Jocelyn said...

For the treasure of a kidless morning! Enjoy! You deserve it! If you get another dump of snow, I found shoveling very effective in helping along with the arrival of Tristen :)
Hoping everything goes smoothly with the arrival of baby number 3!

The Koops said...

Your swollen ankles made me laugh at the memory of my own, with Lauren. I took a picture of my ballooned feet - each toe looking like it's ready to explode off the end. We moved from Wpg to S'toon when I had 7 days remaining in the pregnancy (how dumb!), and because I always had trouble remembering new license plates, I would create acronyms. In that case it was 667 BPF, or Big Puffy Feet.
We're praying for you in these days (as always).
Love Sharon