Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Distractions are wonderful in this season of waiting. I went shopping with the sisters on Sunday afternoon - we lucked out since Old Navy was having a super clearance and I bought 4 new NON-maternity shirts for less than $25! It's fun having some new things in my closet to look forward to in a week or so. I even discovered that one of them fits over my 9-month preggo belly and having a new shirt to wear at this stage of pregnancy really does wonders to lift a girls spirits :)

Today Rosanna had the day off and she suggested taking coffee and donuts up to the boys at work (Nathan just started working with Todd & Erik this week).

It was raining a little when we got there but we were able to enjoy our snack in the neighbour's finished garage.

Afterwards we took some pictures up on the 2nd floor of the house. There's one set of stairs finished so we were able to go up top and enjoy the view. Erik said most of the 2nd floor exterior walls went up this afternoon - it makes a big difference having a third guy working with them!

The boys.

A final family shot without the baby...

Micah sleeping soundly by the time we got back home.

Every night I've been making myself a list of things to keep me busy the next day. I find I don't get to all of the things on my list if I'm going out or if Micah's being extra-demanding, but it's good to have direction and distraction (thanks A. Shirley for your good suggestions, too!) I am also trying not to analyze every ache and cramp that I have - my mom said last night "you'll KNOW when you're in labour". And she's right. There's no sense wasting my energy thinking about every contraction and symptom - once the real thing comes I won't have to wonder. So, today I felt myself relax in this waiting phase and as a result I've regained some of the excitement and anticipation that has been lost in the last several days.

Tomorrow Micah and I head to his final swimming lesson - I never thought I'd make it this far with him, but I'm glad now that I did. Apparently we are all taking our toddlers for a ride down the big waterslide tomorrow! This should be fun - and hopefully labour-inducing!


kelly said...

well, for your sake i hope i don't see you at mom's group tomorrow, but if there's no baby, maybe it'll be a good distraction for part of the day!

Kim said...

Love the attitude that you've got! Enjoy the excitement you are feeling. I found the waiting so hard. We got labour going by stripping...wallpaper that is. Ernie ended up having to work late into the night while I was in the hospital with Benjamin to finish the project we started!

All the best to you.

Kim (Nichole's friend)

Amber said...

You really do have a great attitude. I admire that about you. Happy watersliding! Yikes...you are braver than I would be ;)

thekeowns said...

LOL!! i am just picturing you going down a waterslide with Micah. I was pregnant with Cassidy when she was in her first swimming lessons and I remember the waddling up those stairs and down the slide, but I also wasn't 9 months!
good idea about the list. I did this the last few weeks before Liam and Cassi were born. I had my house spotless, windows washed, etc. . .I don't think my house was ever more organized or clean. I also made sure the freezer was stocked and the cupboards with lots of groceries.
i also remember mowing the grass the day before Liam was born (and have a picture to prove it)
I can't believe your winter jacket still fits over you belly!
and yippee on the Old Navy sale!! I need to head over there sometime but Steve is scared to let me!!
oh and you will go into labour tonight and have your baby early early morning since my prediction was the 16.

Laura said...

You're an inspiration Jamie. Keeping busy is such a great idea!

Love you lots!

Can't wait to see pictures of you and Micah going down the waterslide. You go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

well Jamie, sounds like you are super organized. Keeping busy sure helps. remember that God has his own timing, and it will happen at just the right time. Praying it will be today. I am here until friday at Nichole's. Brad said they will release me at noon on Friday. I cna hardly wait to be home...love mom (Oh jamie, we are having chinese food for our Christmas supper. Is that a good idea for you???

Anonymous said...

It's so cute how Micah's legs have to straddle the baby belly when you hold him. I think the list idea is great - I'm going to try that.

Trev & Rebekah said...

Good idea on the lists. I hope you can continue to be distracted until the right time comes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so close! Just remember that every day this baby stays in is another day that Micah gets to enjoy being an only child :) Take advantage of that too!

Nichole said...

Hey Jamie, I rush home from the hospital every day to check your blog! I think I'm getting as anxious as you are! (Ok, probably not quite!) My suggestion for today's list: Stock your freezer with some easy meals. A great way to use your time waiting and you'll certainly appreciate it later!

the Dees fam said...
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the Dees fam said...

Maybe now that you have a new and improved outlook on things, the baby will come. Good for you for staying positive! Can't wait for the news!
Love, Karen

Suzanne said...

I agree that the picture of Micah straddled across your belly is too cute! I'm proud of you for making the most of your day! It will probably be a while before you can visit Erik at work!!

Have fun watersliding!!!!

Drea said...

The photo of you carrying your son makes me think of myself. Does it feel like he is sitting on a shelf? HAHA. Anytime I lift my two year old onto my hip or chest I feel like he is proped up on some sort of shelf unit :-)

Lindsay said...

Either your power went out, or you're having a baby (or both!)!!

crystal said...

Jamie - you look great - seriously!! I don't know of anyone who has a better attitude than you do!! I've been praying for you and for a safe delivery!!

Stephen said...

Oh wow, look at three (basically 4). I just stumbled across all your (toews family) blogs. Oh my, Micah is almost a man already. Dang. "That coffee is gotta be done by now."

Smelvin stinkens miss you three muchly, especially after seeing your photo's.

You are all beautiful, maybe we will see you at alumni hockey...?