Monday, April 05, 2010


Easter seemed more meaningful this year. Now that the kids are getting a little bit older, we're being more intentional about explaining it all to them and I suppose it naturally makes us reflect on it more ourselves.

I wanted to start some Easter traditions this year. So, I decided to make a homemade version of the "Resurrection Eggs". I did a quick online search and found this simple website. It gave me instructions for what what to put in the eggs - most items were things I could find around the house - plus Bible verses to coincide with each item. We opened one egg every day for 12 days leading up to Easter Sunday. On the last day (yesterday) the egg was empty to signify the empty tomb.

We've also been reading a fantastic kid's Bible. We're borrowing it from our church library but I'd really like to have one of our own because it's so great. It's basically the entire Bible summed up into 52 short stories. There are pictures on every page and just the right amount of words. Plus the stories are written in a way that's really easy for kids to understand. This past week we read several of the stories leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection. That, along with the resurrection eggs (which Micah also did at his preschool), seemed to reinforce all the truths of the season of Easter for the kids and for us.

(you can't actually click to look inside here, but you probably can if you go here)

Of course there's all the other fun stuff about Easter too. Keziah got to make this cute bunny craft the day we visited Micah's preschool.

And don't forget Easter egg decorating.

And Easter is the season of tulips and daffodils. We've been enjoying these tulips picked from outside our front door. Of course, the kids are under the impression that dandelions also deserve a place of honour on the table...

Here are the big kids dressed for church and squinting in the Easter morning sun.

Silas was looking quite dapper too :)

We did a little Easter egg hunt in the house after lunch (can't wait until we have a nice big backyard for this someday!).

Easter afternoon turned out to be the perfect windy weather to fly our new kites. Micah got the hang of it quickly and both kids were pretty thrilled to watch their favourite Disney characters dancing through the sky.

A picture of myself just to prove that sometimes Erik takes pictures too.

Keziah made a bee-line for this dandelion patch as soon as she spotted it.

I wanted her to take off her red fleece for some "prettier" pictures of her in the grass, but she was not to be convinced.

Oh, and I have to share my favourite Easter day quote. After we came home from the church service, Micah asked if we could sing the "Up From the Gravy" song again.

I love how a 5-year-old's mind thinks :)


The Keowns said...

i like the pretty dandelions!
i totally cheaped out on easter this year......just a busy weekend. But the kids watched the entire 10 commandments movie at moms, so I figued they had there share of teaching!

Vanessa said...

I love that the dandelions got a place of honour at the table as well! :) And "Up From the Gravy" made me giggle a little-one of my favorite Easter songs! And now it has a nice little spin! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go with the resurrection eggs. What a powerful teaching tool. Love all the pics, and glad those dandelions aren't mine. Love you guys...Granny

Kathy's corner said...

I love Keziah's hair, and she looks just like

Karen said...

Great photos, Jamie! I love the one of Keziah sitting in the dandelions!

Wenona said...

Looks like a great Easter! I love the Resurrection eggs - I'll have to keep that in mind for when Koen is older and understands Easter a little more.
Love the picture of Keziah in the dandelion field - even with her red fleece jacket on! :)

kelly ens said...

i really like the resurrection egg idea - i'll have to mark that down for next year!
great pictures of your Easter weekend :)

GSFALK said...

I always enjoy your news & pics. Way to go on creatively teaching your children the truth of God. Blessings... and see you in a month.