Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snips and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Meet "Snailey".

Micah found this little guy outside the other day. And while most snails we find are hidden inside their shell, this particular one was bravely coming out to greet us. He's "the bravest snail I've ever met!", according to Micah.

Micah asked if he could keep it, so I found a jar that would be perfect for little "Snailey's" home. I couldn't help remembering all the times when I was little and collected caterpillars to keep in a jar, making a fun little jungle of grass and twigs inside and punching air holes in the top.

Micah has been infatuated with him ever since - announcing to us that this is his "very first pet!"

And here are a few more pictures of us enjoying the great outdoors recently. Last week, we went down to the States. Of course we had to stop at Edaleen Dairy for the best (& cheapest!) ice cream. That's where we took this great picture:

While we were in Bellingham, we took an evening stroll down the boardwalk.

This looks like Micah is practicing for Kindergarten :)

And earlier this week, a beautiful evening at Mill Lake; having a picnic and watching the ducks.


Kathy's corner said...

Hey, I would love to go for ice cream when I come to the dairy...

Karen said...

I love the last photo on this post - it looks so green and lush! And, the kids leaning over the rail is adorable! I loved your previous post too - Silas is such a cutie! :) And, Erik's furniture is simply gorgeous! You ARE lucky!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Great pics. Where in the States were you? Oh and I love the idea about collecting bugs. I did that and totally forgot. I'll have to do that with Isaiah.

GSFALK said...

Again, several posts to enjoy. You catch great poses and expressions. Good job and thanks for the updates.

Kerri Kincaid said...

"No!" Says Jake,"Micah, don't touch that snail!" This is coming from the boy that collects potatoe bugs, names them, sneaks them in the house, and lines them up on the patio table to watch him play basketball.... Just be thankful it isn't a snake or some huge poisonous spider that they want for a pet.... yet...... (ewwww!).
I miss the Bellingham view. That was what I saw my first year on the west coast. Dan's Aunt's (where he lived) house overlooked the sound.