Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Princess

It's birthday season at our house...
Keziah turns 4 today!

Four years ago I was more than a little overdue and more than a little anxious to have that sweet baby outta my tummy! Finally - with a little help from the doctors - this tiny bundle was born...

It's hard to believe how much she's grown!

We celebrated by having a Royal Tea Party in Keziah's honour on Saturday afternoon with some of her friends and their mommies. She was quite set on the princess theme even though half of her friends are boys :)

It was a freezing cold & windy day and our guests were such good sports - what with having to park on the street and walk through the wind tunnel of our townhouse complex until they got to our unit!

And we had a FULL house of kids and mommies... but I think the party was a success. We started with a simple foam sticker craft and then moved to the living room for "hot potato dress-up". This was a favourite at my own birthday parties growing up, and I thought it was time to pass the torch to my own daughter. When the music stops, whoever is holding the "potato" gets to pull something from the dress-up bin. After several rounds, this was the result:

Then it was time for the tea party to begin. I scrounged up some real tea cups for each of the kids to drink their pink lemonade "tea".

No cups were broken in the making of this tea party!

This year I went the easy route with the cupcakes and bought a set of princess papers and crown toothpicks from Michael's. I used my new favourite icing trick (dipping frozen cupcakes into melted icing) and added some sprinkles - I think they turned out pretty cute!

Keziah was pleased - and apparently Silas was as well!

Micah was having fun showing off his goody bag finds:

Happy birthday Princess Keziah! We love you so much!


Elissa said...

The party was very fun. And Caleb really liked his crown-- he wore it for the ENTIRE birthday party, and then put it right back on yesterday after church. Silly kids! Keziah, you were a beautiful princess... and an even more beautiful 4 year old!

laura.h said...

That looks like such a fun party!! Good job Jamie!

Anonymous said...

wow! 4! happy birthday keziah! i'm hoping you're having a great day and a very princess-like new year to come!

kelly ens said...

such a cute picture of Keziah as a princess! :) We had a great time too!!
happy birthday Keziah!

the Dees fam said...

LOVE the princess theme! What fun to have such a pink and girly birthday party! :) Happy Birthday, Keziah!

Lindsay said...

man, I have got to get myself invited to a kids party - so much more fun than adults! ;)
Happy Birthday Keziah!

GSFALK said...

A princess indeed! Happy Birthday Keziah!

Bonnie said...

Happy belated Birthday Keziah! You're one beautiful princess!!

Kim said...

So fun. We're doing a princess theme for Mattea's bday next week - same little princess papers for the cupcakes will be used. I bought some foam crowns and we're going to paint our fingernails. Only 3 other little girls are coming. I'm sure, since she is only turning 3, that we will have many more princess parties!

Happy Birthday Keziah!