Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fall Days

We're hearing stories of snow days from the prairies, but meanwhile in BC, fall is still in all of its glory.

On Saturday we took advantage of a perfect fall day - the kind of day that is crisp enough to necessitate a warm sweater, but interrupted by bursts of warmth from the sun. After several days of rain and cabin fever we knew we had to get out of the house even if it meant Erik hobbling along after us on his crutches.

So, off we ventured to Willow View Farm for a wonderfully in-expensive outing.

The kids loved spending time in the petting barn - especially feeding the goats - and then we ventured out to the apple field/orchard (?) where I got some great pictures of the kids.

(Fuji apples)

We were reminded that the perfect cure for fighting/whining/cabin-feverish children is being outside on a beautiful day.

Caterpillar discovery among the apple rows.

Yay for fall!

I can just hear him saying, "appo" over and over...

Juicy goodness.

Ahh, apple peel in my teeth!

An extremely rare moment... (look closer in the last picture if you doubt me)

That evening it was off to Grandpa & Grandma for the 4th (ish) annual Toews pumpkin carving party. Gotta love the combination of curious children and adults with extremely sharp knives...

And don't forget the power tools!

Elissa had seen a great idea somewhere to drill lots of tiny holes in the pumpkin. I was game to try it! I will be using the drill again next year. It was simple, pretty and really enjoyable :)

Halloween night was a pizza party with some family and trick-or-treating. Here is Silas getting the candy ready for all the trick-or-treaters.

Keziah decided to go with her hula outfit for trick-or-treating :)

I didn't take any pictures when we were out, but Elissa did, so make sure and check her blog for some good shots of the kids :)


Jen Glen said...

Was Micah itchy at all after holding that caterpillar? It looks similar to ones we played with when we were kids (except ours were black and yellow in the middle) that left us itchy everywhere we touched them! (And we may or may not have kissed them.)

Elissa said...

Very cute pictures. We'll have to head to that farm for a visit too! It looks like fun :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

I love the shirt you are wearing in that pumpkin picture of you and the drill.

Were there other apples there at the farm too?

kelly ens said...

great family fun!!!

erin said...

Love the power tools!

the Dees fam said...

Silas is just adorable holding that "appo". And, I so agree with you - being outside on a beautiful day is the cure all! Glad you had the chance to be refreshed!