Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Snow Time

Last week's little hour-long snowfall was just a teaser. We got a full day of snow yesterday and the kids were pretty pumped.

I remember when Micah wore this touque. For some reason, it makes their heads look gi-normous.
Like an orange on a toothpick.

Anyone got a kleenex?

Never mind.

But alas, the snow never seems to last long around here. Erik and the kids headed straight out after breakfast this morning to make the most of the melting slush. At least if we build a snowman, we can make it last a little bit longer!

Micah told me this was an alien head, but all I see is a bunny. Not sure why he doesn't have eyes. And not sure why his carrot nose appears to be coming out the side of his cheek. I chose not to ask too many questions.

I really hope this isn't the last of the snow for this year. We have to get in some more sledding and snowman-building practice if we're going to be in Manitoba next winter!


The Keowns said...

yes, prepare your self for LOADS of snow. We have so much its nuts. The novelty for my kids wore off the first day.

Elissa said...

love those snowy snot pics :) awesome snowman kiddos!

kelly ens said...

great pictures.
i have a suspicion that this is NOT the last of the snow this year...we're supposed to get lots! :)

Anonymous said...

We haven't had this much snow in November in 14 years. Like Erin, said,we have tons of snow.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Crazy how fast the weather changed in 24 hours. We made a huge snow fort last night and now it's almost all melted.

laura.h said...

LOVE those toques your kids are wearing!! Looks like I'll need to make one for Silas this year!

Jen Glen said...

Don't worry about the first two days of the next winter they'll be all practiced up! And I hope you DON'T get any more snow, or if you do that it will all melt by Christmas. I'm coming to hopefully ESCAPE the snow!!