Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Number SIX!

My oldest baby is turning 6 today! It's hard to believe...

This year, especially, brings back memories of his birth because his birthday falls on a Monday - the same day he was born back in 2004. My water "sprung a leak" on Sunday morning, the 12th, just before church started. But since I still felt totally normal (and wasn't convinced anything had happened), I sang on the worship team and went on with my day. Finally in the afternoon my mom convinced me over the phone (after talking with older sister and nurse, Nichole) that I should probably get myself checked out. Sure enough, my water had "broken". But, because the hospital was full, I wasn't able to get induced until Monday morning, the 13th. Thankfully my labour started on its own during the night, but I needed a little boost to get things going. At 2:30 pm on Monday afternoon I finally had my first son in my arms. A surreal moment to touch and hold that soft, warm little bundle for the first time and try to let the truth sink in that he was really mine.

I look frightful in this picture, but isn't Micah adorable?

Micah spent his first night in the room with me and then the nurse noticed that his breathing was very fast. I had thought his rapid breathing was interesting, but being naive and totally new to the whole baby thing, I had no idea that I should be concerned. His rapid breathing turned into a chest x-ray, IV antibiotics and an extra 3 nights in the hospital (in the special care unit)... Finally on Friday, the 17th, we were able to go home.

And now he's turned into such a handsome and grown-up boy!

Micah is thriving in Kindergarten. I wrestled so much with the decision to hold him back, but I'm thankful that I did. He is one of the brightest in his class and doesn't seem bored in the least. Micah's history of anxiety (particularly separation anxiety) has almost disappeared this year. And I'm also pleased to say (maybe not too loudly, in case they hear me) that him and Keziah have been getting along amazingly well lately! I think Micah has settled into his routine enough that he doesn't come home cranky and tired after a morning at school. Instead he seems energized and excited to see everyone.

This morning we let Micah open his birthday present (from us as well as Granny & Grandpa):

I love when I find the perfect gift that I KNOW will make the "receiver" happy :) His very own Buzz Lightyear was just the ticket for this 6-year-old!

Happy Birthday big boy! We love you!!


kelly ens said...

so awesome :)
happy birthday Micah!

the Dees fam said...

What a handsome boy you have!
You and Erik sure look young in those photos with Micah as a newborn. I say the same thing when we look at Tyler's baby photos - we were babies ourselves! :)
Happy Birthday, Micah! Great post, Jamie!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday to Micah! Hmmm, that Buzz Lightyear is a popular gift this year :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Micah! :)

GSFALK said...

Happy Birthday Micah! Hope your birthday was special all day. We always enjoy seeing new pictures of you on this blog. Love you, Aunt Shirley

The Keowns said...

happy 6th birthday Micah!!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

So will Buzz replace Dumbo? Happy Birthday Micah