Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Performers

I'm on a blogging roll! So many new things to post and I finally have the time to post them :)

Last week was full of Christmas events. I was able to watch Micah's school Christmas concert two afternoons in a row. Micah seemed to know all the words, and if there was an award for the most serious performer, I'm sure he would've won. Someone's gotta tell this kid that it's OK to smile...

Then Friday was Keziah's ballet recital. I didn't quite grasp what an ordeal this was going to be. We had to be at the Abbey Arts Centre at 3 pm and, other than a very quick supper pick-up at McDonald's, we did not leave that place until almost 9! The dance studio has TONS of performers. I'm bad with numbers of people, but there had to be about 40 preschool girls alone. Plus all the older dancers and even some adult students. So, that makes for a long dress rehearsal, a long recital, and a lot of chaos backstage! They put all of the younger girls into a holding room together and expected them to stay there (quietly?) while they waited for their performances. Most of the girls did quite well, but it was crowded and loud and the ratio of adults to kids did not seem like enough. Keziah was doing great right up until the point when I told her it was time for me to go. She clung to me SO tight and cried silent tears into my shoulder. It was so heart-breaking and I decided to stay for a bit to get her settled. I tried leaving one more time, and was even half-way down the hall to the auditorium when I stopped and realized there was no way I would be able to enjoy the recital from my seat if I thought she might be upset backstage (and I knew she would be too shy to let anyone see how upset she really was). So, I quickly got over the fact that I would miss the rest of the recital and decided to stay backstage (with a couple of other moms who also had the same idea). We ended up consoling a few other teary-eyed preschoolers as well, so it was probably a good thing that we were there to help!

Anyway, when it was time for her to perform she did SO good. It really melts my heart to watch her dance.

The first video is of the dress rehearsal:

This was a portion of the actual performance which I filmed from just off-stage. I loved how she smiled so sweetly as she danced.
(I lost track of her near the end of the video because I wasn't really watching my camera screen.)

So cute! Keziah is such a shy little girl, and it's good to see that she's not afraid to perform. Her and Micah also sang some Christmas songs with their Sunday School classes in church on Sunday. Her Sunday School teachers tell me that she barely says a word in class, but when it's singing time, she sings all the words!


Jen Glen said...

I think Micah should take lessons on the facial expression thing from the kid standing next to him! Did you see how big he made his eyes? Fantastic! He could have been in a boys choir! And I love how they were all just standing nicely with their hands folded. Adorable!!

Bonnie said...

You're right Jen! Phil Siebert would be very impressed with that kids' facial expressions :) And it looks like Micah did a great job too.
The ballet was priceless. SOOOO cute! I can't believe how grown up Keziah is already. Such a sweet little ballerina.

kelly ens said...

great videos! I had no idea you stayed at the back during the recital. neat perspective for the video - keziah is so cute - she did GREAT! :)