Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's just after 10 pm on New Years Eve. My teeth are brushed, my face is washed and I'm already snuggled under my down duvet. Erik is fast asleep beside me.
New Years just isn't what it used to be.
But, I'm actually perfectly fine with our new brand of New Years Eve. A good night's sleep for my family is really more valuable than watching the clock strike midnight. Me, however - I'm not tired yet, so I figured it was as good a time as any to catch up on my blog.

The festivities of Christmas have come and gone. Erik went back to work on Wednesday and if it wasn't for the new toys I'm tripping on and the oversized, pine-needle shedding plant dying in the corner of my living room, I could almost believe it never even happened!

But I have pictures to prove that we did, indeed have Christmas - amidst a whirlwind of presents and food and rushing around...

These first pictures are going wa-a-ay back - to Micah's birthday on December 13th. Make that Micah AND Rosanna's birthdays (#30 for Auntie Rosanna actually)! We celebrated with a Toews/Loewen gingerbread house extravaganza.

Keziah was in her candy-decorating glory. And she didn't budge from this seat for the rest of the evening.

Doug & Elissa hard at work after Caleb lost interest...

Silas and Auntie Rosanna.

Time for a "ba-bo" and a snuggle.
(Side note: I think I've waited too long to take the bottle away from Silas. He is pretty attached to it. And, as 3rd children seem to go, he seems like he's way more of a baby than Micah or Keziah were at 21 months. I'm sure the motivation to take it away will strike me one of these days...)

Erik & Emerson.

Keziah still hard at work.

Nothing could break that girl's focus.

Auntie Kristi, Silas and blankie.

Keziah and Elissa get first place for the most dedicated decorators!

Our Toews Christmas took place on the 22nd: a yummy supper followed by some Christmas presents. I wanted to take some pictures of the kids in front of Grandma's tree. But I don't think Micah can smile for a camera without this goofy grin...

This girl, on the other hand, knows how to work it.

Silas got the hang of present-opening this year.

Then we tried to get a picture of Grandma & Grandpa with all 5 grandkids, but we all know how that goes...

Caleb, put the toy down.

Caleb, look at the camera!

Micah, smile nice!

Somebody, give Silas more chocolate!

OK. We give up.

One unwanted gift this month was all the random sicknesses that came our way. Everything from pink eye to hand-foot-mouth virus. Lovely, I know. Micah missed the last 2 days of school because of fevers and a sore throat. He started feeling better but a few days later we noticed several blister-like sores developing on his hands. After a little Googling, I realized that the fevers, sore throat and hand sores were all connected (hand-foot-mouth). By the Christmas weekend, Micah was no longer contagious but the hand sores were still quite prominent on his fingers. To be on the safe side, I got him to wear mittens on his hands for several days. Surprisingly, he didn't complain about this. He ate with his mittens, slept with his mittens, even opened Christmas presents with his mittens. He even wore them for the Christmas Eve nativity play and I didn't have a single person ask me why my little angel was wearing his mittens on stage!

We celebrated on our own on Christmas morning with some gifts sent from family and a few things we bought for the kids.

Keziah's favourite was her new talking doll from her cousin Josh. She named her Apple.
I know. That is, like, so five years ago.

Micah was most pumped about Mouse Trap - from Uncle Joel & Auntie Laura - and we've played several games of it in the last week.

Now we seem to be dealing with another random sickness - Micah again, unfortunately. He's been complaining of random stomach pains and having some vomiting and diarrhea for about a week. The doctor seems to think it's a virus (though I'm not convinced yet) and thinks we should wait it out. Micah didn't have much of an appetite today, but he's gone almost 24 hours without any more episodes out of either end :P So, I'm praying the doctor is right!

It's almost 11:30 now - Erik is snoring beside me, but I just might make it to the new year before I drift off :)


kelly ens said...

such a great Christmas! (Aside from all of the sickness, for sure!). love all the pictures too - especially the attempts of the grandkids with grandparents. haha.
happy new year!

Elissa said...

Love that picture of Keziah in front of the tree-- beautiful smile! And Apple... haha... you're so funny Jamie :) Hope Micah starts to feel better soon!

GSFALK said...

10/10 for all your great blogging! Happy New Year filled with God's blessing. A.Shirley

Trev and Rebekah said...

I see the mouse trap game! That is a favorite at our house