Thursday, May 05, 2011

Little Bit of Easter Fun

My time has been otherwise occupied lately (work, kids, life - yeah, nothing much) and I feel so sad when the blog gets left out :( So, here's a quick catch-up post with some shots from the Toews cousins Easter Egg hunt the other weekend.

Keziah sporting her Easter dress and showing off some good finds:

Grandma advising Caleb:

Silas' first time participating in Easter Egg hunting!

I like the flurry of activity in this picture:

Silas scoring some smarties - his favourite!

I know, taking pictures in front of a window was probably not the best idea (and I didn't have time to do any edits to lighten it up). Hopefully you can still see their cute little cherub faces... Or maybe it's better if you don't. Getting a good shot of 5 small cousins is nearly impossible...

Yay for chocolate!!


the Dees fam said...

Very cute pics....I'm trying to post Easter photos too - you're right, better late than never! :)

Dianna said...


laura.h said...

Yay for chocolate!! Cute pictures of some very cute kids!