Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday'd Out

With Keziah in preschool and ballet this year (and just generally "growing up") she has become much more well-connected with other little girls her age... Well, at least with girls whose birthdays all seem to fall in the month of May.

So, off we traipsed to 3 separate parties where we played games, caked it up and came home loaded down with candy and other goodies.

Birthday #1 - a Luau-Themed party - this Mama goes all out when it comes to party themes :)

Keziah came dressed in summer wear (including a coconut bra we brought back from Maui).

With her new grass skirt and lei - part of her take-home goodies...

Birthday #2 - Pony Rides at Matqui Stables...

For once it had an absolutely beautiful day here in Abbotsford - a perfect day to ride ponies!
I think Keziah and I got a little too much sun but it was worth it.

"Helping" the birthday girl with her presents.

Purple Pony Pinata (to go with the "pony" theme :)

Birthday #3 - Flower Garden Party

Unfortunately the rain kept us indoors for this one, but the girls had fun painting their flower pots and enjoying this amazing cake...

(Props to the cake decorator: Jaybird Creations)

All in all, good birthday fun had times three.

Now, though, for a bit of a birthday break.


kelly ens said...

Wow - that's a lot of party's in one weekend! She's popular! Thanks for coming to celebrate T - we loved having Keziah here :)

Elissa said...

oh my, that tiki bar is amazing! yah Keziah... working over the birthday party scene :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Looks like some fun birthdays.

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!!!