Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Walk to Remember

It was another week of adventure for our family that culminated with a very eventful walk in the park. I guess I wouldn't label it an adventure as much as a fearful-moment-in-motherhood-history, never-to-be-repeated-again kind of experience.

It started with a beautiful sunny morning. And a seemingly great idea to head to Fish Trap Creek for a walk with the kids. I foolishly thought to myself that I could get some exercise - Keziah on her bike, Silas in the stroller - so we should be able to move along at a relatively heart-rate-appropriate pace, right?

Wrong. It was more like, walk 10 feet, stop to look at ducks, walk 15 week, stop for Keziah to test her bike brakes, walk 6 feet, stop, look back and tell Keziah to keep peddling. Yes, honey, you actually have to keep your feet going round and round the whole time...

I quickly surrendered my need for a brisk walk and simply enjoyed the sunshine and fresh spring air. We even stopped at the big tree beside the big rock for a few pictures.

Hey, we even stopped for a little history lesson.

It was a little while later, when we were navigating the various little hills in the path, that I had the 'what-if' thought of Keziah steering herself off the path and down towards the water. She's a bit unsteady with her biking at this point and going up/down hills is not a strong point for her. The thought crossed my mind that, if she started going down while I was still pushing Silas, what would I do?

We rounded a few more corners and then Keziah steered herself off the curb a little too abruptly when a stroller was passing us. Her bike started toppling over and I let go of the stroller to catch it and console her after some minor leg scratches. I'm not sure how long it was before I thought to look over at the stroller, but by the time I did, it had slowly been rolling down a slight hill and heading off the path. I ran as fast as I could towards it but I knew I wouldn't catch it before it went off the trail and down the hill towards the water. I scrambled down after it, and managed to stop it (with the help of some nasty thorn-covered bushes that I am thanking God for!). Silas was obviously upset. Keziah was too - her own injuries quickly forgotten.

Now, my next challenge was getting Silas and the stroller back up the embankment. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to manage this. Thankfully a young couple rounded the corner in my moment of desperation. A tiny part of me felt embarrassed to be found in the ditch with my baby, but I was mostly just relieved. I passed Silas up first and then the stroller came up quite easily with the guy's help. The girl held Silas for another minute or two while I gathered up the items from my stroller that had been thrown out (including my camera).

Once I got back up to the path, took Silas in my arms and took a few steadying breaths, I thanked my helpers. They lingered for a moment - not sure how else to help me so I said something stupid like, "Ok, you're free to go!"

Silas was upset for a little while - understandably. His most-repeated phrases went something like this, "I go in the water sandals" (yes, I suppose it did seem as though he was rushing towards the water and about to go swimming fully-clothed) as well as, "People hold you!" (translation: he was more concerned about being held by strangers than the thrill ride down the hill).

Anyway. Heart-pounding stuff. Let's just say I will be MUCH more conscious about using my stroller brake from now on. And, for the rest of you stroller-pushers out there, consider this lesson learned. For all of us.

So then, about 5 minutes later, as we were headed towards the playground to redeem our very bad walk, my legs started stinging.
Like crazy.

It struck me how, in that moment, I didn't have to think about racing through those thorn-covered bushes with bare legs... Thankfully I had runners on, but I suspect that even if I was barefoot I wouldn't have hesitated. Amazing - those motherly instincts and the fact that I didn't feel the pain until the drama was over.

So, now... the aftermath.

I'm just hoping these scratches will heal up by the wedding in 2 weeks. Otherwise I'll be using make-up on more than just my face.


Lindsay said...

aw! that's a rough day! Glad everyone's ok and praying that your legs will heal quickly!

kelly ens said...

wowzers....quite an adventure! Glad it wasn't more serious and that everyone is mostly ok! Hope your legs are healed by the wedding.

Genny said...

Yikes! Glad everyone is okay. Hope your legs heal quickly.

the Dees fam said...

I'm glad things ended as well as they did...only a few scrapes on your leg! Two summers ago, I was the closest adult to our friends' little guy who fell in the water at the beach. I ran as fast as I could, flip flops and sand flying, jumped in with all my clothes, but everything ended well with that too. You're right about "motherly" instincts. It wouldn't matter if you had your Sunday best on, I think we'd all ditch them for the safety of a child! :)

Jen Glen said...

How scary must that have been!!! I totally thought it was going to be Keziah flying down the hill, just as you imagined, not Silas! Praise God you're all okay!

Janelle said...

oh wow girlie. thankful for extra hands when you need them & the invisible ones that were around Silas. :)

rachel joy said...

Oh Jamie, what an ordeal! So scary for all 3 of you, for Silas to experience the strangers holding him, Keziah to watch her brother racing away, and for you to be the hero of it all! I'm so glad it turned out as well as it did, and pray your nerves settle and your wounds heal rapidly.