Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy's Day

On Sunday we celebrated the Daddy in our house. 

Silas (aka "grumpy-bear") is averse to participating in photos these days.

I am blessed with a husband who plays with his children almost every single day when he gets home from work - whether it's street hockey, baseball, creating crazy trampoline games or going for bike rides - he always makes time for these kids. 

I think this last picture sums it up!


Lindsay said...

That last picture is SO cute!
Micah looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

Yes Jamie, you have an amazing husband. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was from mom!

Bonnie said...

Cute idea with that last picture! And I always knew Erik would be a good dad... remember how we used to tease him about being a "Dad" when his siblings were still in high school? :) Always watching out for the flock :)

Jen Glen said...

LOVE the last pic! Great idea! Love you guys and miss you! Can we expect a visit sometime this summer on your way to or back from Manitoba!

GSFALK said...

At first I didn't scroll down far enough, just saw happy children, ... also a sign of good parenting. Then I saw the feet - so cute!