Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's official.  Berry season has begun in BC.  We missed out on it the last couple of years, being in Manitoba, so we were keen to get picking on the weekend when someone told us that the strawberry season was going to be short this year.  Really, it's a wonder anything can grow when the weather has been as cool as it has.

The best part of picking yourself is getting to taste test :)  The berries are huge, but sweet through and through...

For the longest time Keziah referred to this fruit as "straw-ba-berries" and I never corrected her.  It's always so sad when your kids say something so cute and then eventually learn to say it properly.

Sigh.  They're growing up.

Between us and Grandma we had 7 full buckets in a short amount of time.

Then it was time to chop up the berries for future smoothies and pies and other strawberry-ish desserts.  As well as freezer jam (a first for me...) I'm thinking with all the BC berries, the huge garden and the beef we'll be getting, more freezer space is going to be a necessity!

 Now I can't wait for raspberry season!


KDees said...

Yum, yum! Those look like juicy berries!

Anonymous said...

this weekend :) (at krause at east )

Bonnie said...

Oh how I miss berry season in BC! :( Yummers.