Monday, June 11, 2012

Patches the Calf

Apparently we've been missing the presence of animals around here because on Saturday we introduced a new member to the Toews farm.

Meet Patches, our 2-week-old Jersey calf.

The truth is, we learned that the income from our 3 other calves may not be enough to qualify us for farm status this year, so we needed a little something to bump it up.  Apparently dairy bull calves are not highly valued and can be purchased for pretty cheap.  So... enter baby Patches.

Unlike Russell, Willy and Kevin, Patches is perfectly tame.

He is also completely reliant on us for his sustenance.

Enter me...  Nursemaid Jamie.

I didn't really expect I would spend my summer mixing up formula and washing baby bottles - particularly giant ones the size of 2 litre milk jugs...

But so far it's been an enjoyable task.

Everyone got in on helping with the first couple of feedings...

He's a scrawny little thing - so much smaller than our Angus-Simmental calves.  We think he looks like a baby deer.

It appears he's already learning who the milk-bringer is...

As fun as feeding him is, it's a bit time-consuming and somewhat hazardous as he bumps and prods quite aggressively as he's drinking.  So Dad Toews constructed this handy little bottle holder and it works pretty slick!

Despite the obvious cuteness of this little guy, he will unfortunately meet the same fate as the other 3 about a year from now - as in t-bone, top sirloin, pot roast... you name it.

But for now, he's a pretty fun pet.


kelly ens said...

ADORABLE!!! (I'll ignore his future demise and just admire his cuteness).
Fave pictures in this post: Keziah pretending to drink the bottle, Patches going after your shirt, and the bottle holder your father-in-law made!
we may have to come visit patches!

rachel joy said...

so great! why is he so scrawny? You make a cute milk maid, but I love the bottle dispenser idea! My sister has a few cows and had to bottle feed 2 orphans after losing their mamas. They were new cows to her so there was probably some unknown issues going on. I still smile seeing your townhouse kids transform into farm kids! :)

Jen Glen said...

I couldn't do it...I couldn't raise and love a cow doomed for the slaughter. Bravo to you. And by the looked great in your rubber boots!

Unknown said...

You look hot!

How fun! I would love to live on your farm and feed and raise those animals...that would have been a dream to me.

Unknown said...

oh that unknown is me Rebekah

Bonnie said...

Jamie... you are rockin' the bangs these days! You look amazing!
Oh, and ditto to what Jen said... I don't think I could do it either. You're a good woman :)