Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Island Update

Right now I'm sitting in our campsite at Parksville, BC and it is HOT!! Thank goodness our campground has an amazing little river to swim in. Erik & Micah just left for an evening dip (it's almost 7 pm) and I'm staying back while Keziah sleeps. The campground has a great wireless connection and I couldn't help but post a quick blog update. Sorry, no pictures - I actually tried uploading some and couldn't.

So far the vacation has fun - though not what Erik or I would define as restful. I guess it comes with the territory of having two busy & demanding young children. Anyway, we're off to Comox Lake tomorrow to join some others at Jon's cabin. Should be some good times :)


Amber said...

I LOVE it that you posted while camping!!! Hilarious! And it's crazy how a vacation is great and all but definitely more tiring and exhausting than the good 'ol daily "routine". You are always on the go (especially with two little ones) and try to pack as much into one day as if to try to get the most out of it, but it's a lot of work!! Have fun!!!!

Oh, and you got me hooked on Cdn Idol now. Did you watch this evening from your tent?!?

Jamie said...

Yay Amber - I'm glad to hear you're hooked on CI! You'd better be voting (for Greg), that's all I gotta say!!
I didn't catch the show but I heard the rumour that he made top 10... Yippee!

erin said...

yep, camping with kids if FAR from relaxing! I remember our first camping experience last year, and how we thought it would be SO relaxing. Man were we sure in for a surprise!
Thankfully, this year we have gotten in a good camping groove. Things are organized and with our tent trailer, much easier. So the last trip was enjoyable, except for the bugs!
We head out next weekend with Steve's fam for the second annual Keown Kamp! LOL! (how cheezy is that)
How far our you from Edmonton. We would like to plan an Edmonton vacation for next year, well in advance so we can save and have more time there. We should do it together. Steve can get a discount at the fantasy land hotel though his work.

Nathan & Rosanna said...

Looking forward to seeing you today! And, yeah for Greg making Top 10.

kelly said...

hA - blogging while camping. love it.
i've also recently heard that camping with kids is not relaxing. last year with Taeya was easy(?) because she just ate and slept and pooped. This year with crawling could be...adventurous and tiring :)
enjoy the rest of your trip!

Jon & Bonnie said...

Blogging while camping in the great outdoors--- now that's what I call efficient! :) Hope you're having fun!!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Jamie because of you I started watching Canadian Idol to follow Greg. I think he's a great singer.