Thursday, November 16, 2006

3 Days Overbaked

There's been no action around here yet! Today I will see the OB that will be taking on my case since my doctor is out of town. I didn't expect to make it to this appointment, but now that it's here, I'm excited to see what she has to say, how much I've progressed, etc. I'm hoping she will strip my membranes again (or "tinker" as Heather so nicely phrases it!). And then I will pull out all the stops to get this baby moving. I feel as though the baby is really low - I went for a walk this morning and was very uncomfortable with all the pressure. I'm hoping that's a good sign that baby is moving down!
Yesterday was a crazy stormy day here on the coast - incredibly windy and rainy with power outages and falling trees all over the place. I figured the baby had to come for sure on a day like that - isn't that how it always happens in the movies?
Micah and I had a good last day of swimming lessons yesterday. We went down the big waterslide as promised! I thought I'd be able to control our speed a little bit better, but we kept getting faster and faster! Micah started whimpering, but I think he would do it again. We'll have to make a point of going back to the pool once in awhile until I can sign him up for lessons again.
Micah seems very aware of the baby's impending birth. We've set up our third bedroom as a nursery and he has had fun playing with all of the baby things. His Aunties taught him the other day to say, "Come out baby!" and he repeats this phrase often. One day he even said, "baby, out, tummy, hospital". I was surprised that he put all those words together for one thing, but also that he seems to understand the whole concept of what is happening.
I've started having more dreams about the baby. For some reason I'm never present for the birth but am told about the baby once it's born - too bad I couldn't skip the labour in real life! Last night I dreamt that it was a boy but it was a full-sized toddler and looked EXACTLY like Micah. I can remember trying to swaddle it and the blanket was just too small! I think this dream may have stemmed from the conversation Erik and I had just before we fell asleep. I told him I was concerned that every day I carried this baby it was just going to get bigger and bigger! I'm starting to imagine a chubby 10 lb'er in there!
I'll be keeping you all as up-to-date as I can about what's going on. But, in closing, here's something interesting to note: in the baby pool that I took several weeks ago, nobody guessed the baby to be born any later than today - Nov 16! So, if baby doesn't come by midnight tonight, then NOBODY'S right - ha ha. OK, that's actually more sad than funny.


Laura said...

Love ya,

Janelle said...

oh are awesome! such a strong girl. i can't imagine being pregnant with the energy that kamryn takes up right now, let alone being overdue. i commend you! and i love you! and i will be praying for you today & hoping for some exciting news in my e-mail tomorrow! hugs!

Anonymous said...

today has got to be the day. Andrea is still waiting too. the race is on love mom

thekeowns said...

i think today will be the day too. it was my guess!!
don't worry, i am sure the baby is not 10 pounds. although it may sure feel like it!!

Anonymous said...

When I worked on OB at the grace, the delivery room nurses(MY old friend Jan) told the ladies to take an ounce of castor oil the night before. As far as I know it alsways induced labor. Sometimes they barely got to the hospital in time or you'd come in and get a big soap suds enema. That worked as well.
Auntie Bertha

Janelle's Friends! said...

Hey Jamie!
I have been reading your blog every morning before work to see if you have had your baby. Micah is so adorable. I cant believe how much he looked like you when you were a baby. It has been awhile. Say hi to Erik for me!


the Dees fam said...

I thought for sure you had gone into labor on that stormy, windy, rainy day yesterday. When I saw that on the news, I was convinced. Of course you'd go in on such a crappy day, with the power out and everything!! But, now that I know you didn't, I'm actually thankful. You deserve a beautiful day to give birth!! Maybe if you don't go into labor, you should put up all your Christmas decorations, if you haven't already done that yet!! Thinking about you, as always!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Trev said to me last night that he thought you would have the baby in the night. Well I guess that didn't happen. Perhaps later today.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, those crazy pregnant dreams can be so funny. I actually haven't had any good ones lately, come to think of it. I hope today's tinkering will get you going. I'm trying desperately not to think about it too much, and the list idea seems to be helping.

Amber said...

Happy to hear you still have your sense of humor (with the baby pool, hee hee). You are great Jamie!!

You are so lucky that you have a third bedroom to be setting up....our baby will share a room with Hailey. It's not the worst set-up I guess, but another bedroom would be nice!

I've said it before, but HANG IN THERE!! We're all cheering for you!

Ej said...

Hey there baby - come out as your poor mom wants to meet you! You've had 40 weeks and now you are being evicted!

Praying for you Jamie - checking your blog all the time ;-)

Camille said...

oh boy... 3 days!!! come out little one!!

Anonymous said...

Hey James,
I'm sure you've thought of everything possible to get this baby on the way, and have gotten more advice than you know what to do with, but I just remembered that I was drinking raspberry leaf tea (I think it's supposed to soften the cervix -don't you love that word) and get things ready for labor and make labor easier. But I'm sure by the time you read this you won't be in need of it. Thinking of you. Erin g.

Anonymous said...

Jamie- have you not been doing your jumping jacks??? That precious baby of yours WILL come- it can't be in there for ever- although that is easy for me to say. I can't wait for you to hold your gift from the Lord in your arms! There always is that castor oil- I was reading about a castor oil omlete that seemed to work for some (I just chugged it when I was preg. with Jake). Are they planning on inducing if you go much further? Take it from the new mommy- enjoy your time with just Micah while you have it! Life changes drastically (but all for the good) once that next one comes!! HURRY UP BABY!!!

Anonymous said...
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