Friday, November 17, 2006


I saw my new doctor(s) yesterday. I started my appointment with one doctor and then she had to run off to the hospital for an emergency delivery, so I ended up seeing a different doctor in the clinic. Both were really nice and it will be either of them or one other doctor who will deliver me. The second doctor checked me and I was still only 1-2 cm's! It's frustrating that all these contractions don't seem to be helping me progress at all. He also stripped my membranes again. I've felt crampy today as a result, but no real action yet. The game plan now is for me to go into the hospital on Monday morning for a non-stress test, see the doctor again on Tuesday and be induced either Wednesday or Thursday - unless, of course, the baby decides to make an entrance any time before that! Erik and I have decided to just plan on meeting our baby next Wed or Thurs and anything earlier will be a bonus! Easier said than done, though. Today was a lo-o-ong day at home with Micah. I was unmotivated to do much other than bake some cookies and tidy the house. I considered breaking out my Christmas decorations, but the thought actually made me kind of depressed. I think the idea just feeds my fear that I will still be pregnant by the time Christmas rolls around!

I wanted to avoid another picture-less post, so here are a couple of shots of Micah playing in his "new" toy box (Erik and I decided to make a new use for my hope chest to eliminate some of the toy clutter in the house):

When Erik came home from work tonight I told him we HAD to get out of the house - if for no other reason than to give me an excuse to take a shower and get out of my sweat pants! We ended up at the mall where everything is already Christmas-y. I took a couple of pictures of Micah next to the Santa display. Santa is coming tomorrow, apparently, but I'm guessing this is about as close as Micah's going to get to him (he doesn't do so well with strangers right now...)

Yesterday I heard of two different families who gave birth to preemies - a set of twins born at 25 weeks and another baby being born at 27 weeks (this was the one the doctor had to rush out to deliver during my appointment). It got me thinking about the long, hard road ahead for these little ones and suddenly being overdue didn't seem so awful. I'm so thankful that our baby is full-term and big and (hopefully) totally healthy!

Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me with your own "overdue" stories. It's nice to know I'm not the only one to have to endure these endless last days. I just keep praying that God would give me contentment and peace and PATIENCE!


thekeowns said...

don't worry, i assure you this baby will be born before Christmas. I would break out the decorations just so you have something to do.
what a good idea with your hope chest. Mine is sitting in our garage right now because we have no place to put it and it is used as an extra storage spot.
praying this baby will come this weekend

Suzanne said...

just checking in on you. Hang in there sweetie...You'll have a baby this time next week!!!

Micah is cute in his toy chest!!

Shanilie said...

Hi Jamie, My name is Shanilie and I just recently came across your blog and have really enjoyed it! Congrats on your up coming baby. I have an 18 mo old and have been trying for a second for a while now....I just thought I would say hi and let you know that I am praying that your delievery will go wonderfully. ps.i really liked the scrapbooking blog.

Anonymous said...

Without giving away too much info, it sounds like you and I will have a very similar week next week Jamie! Maybe we'll have 'twins'! I don't think they are doing a stress test with me though. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if you are aware that the Grey Cup is in Winnipeg this weekend, but it is tomorrow (Sunday), and my husband is going (I gave my ticket away). The chances that this baby will decide to come during the middle of the Grey Cup seems almost too obvious! Hahaha! I told him he has to check his cell every 1/2 hour! Anyway, I keep praying that our babies will arrive before they have to be induced. Either way though, I am also grateful that my baby has made it full term, and will not have to suffer the long journey like those little preemies will. Thanks for that reminder. Take care!

kelly said...

I've been waiting in the "dark" since the storm! our computer was sadly affected by the storm and i've been disconnected since then. glad i didn't miss any big news, but STILL hoping the baby comes soon!

Cheri said...

Hey James, sorry to hear you still don't have that baby. Or maybe you have already. I hope that things pick up for you this week. But you are so very right about the premature babies and the difficulty that would be would be way worse than being overdue. I'll keep checking up on you. And don't worry, you won't be pregnant at Christmas, even though it may feel that way, tired-yes, pregnant-no!!! Take care, I'm thinking of you!!

Shanilie said...

Hi Jamie, I was wondering if you could help me....I put a new post on my blog today and the comments link didn't show you or anyone reading this comments know how I could go about fixing that? If you could help that would be great! Thanks

trevandrebs said...

So does not hearing from you via bloggins this weekend mean you had the baby???