Monday, November 20, 2006

41 Weeks

Wow - I still can't believe I've made it this far without a baby. Here's a shot of the belly that just won't stop growing...

Today at 11 am I head to the hospital for a non-stress test. They'll hook me up to the monitors and make sure that baby's heartrate is normal when sleeping and awake. This baby still seems pretty active despite how squished he or she is, so I'm expecting everything to be normal with the test.

I'm starting to come to terms with the idea of being induced. I really didn't think it would come to this, but I've started giving up my hopes of going into labour naturally. My main problem with induction is that it's not natural. Maybe I'm wrong, but could it mean a longer or more complicated labour? I was given oxytocin with Micah so I did get a little "help" with him as well. My water had broken but I didn't have any contractions for 17 hours and even then they were pretty sporadic. They gave me a small dose of oxytocin to help me into a regular labour pattern and Micah was born about 6 hours later. But, I remember the nurses saying it helped that my body had started contracting on its own before they started the IV. The other reason I don't want to be induced is that I have to give up the whole element of surprise - the excitement of going into labour unexpectantly, timing contractions at home and surprising family with the phone call that we're heading into the hospital...

But, in the end, what I really want is for my baby to be born healthy and whole and to begin our journey as a family of four. So, I'm hoping that by the time Wednesday or Thursday rolls around, I'll be more than ready to pack up and head to the hospital for an induction. I have to surrender the control to God and trust that he knows just how this baby needs to come into the world - and there's still time for the baby to come on his or her own before the middle of the week. I'm just thankful to know that by the end of this week - if the induction is a success - we will have our little baby!


Ej said...

I hope ths babay decided to come soon so that you don't have to be induced - but as we all know - we make plans and God laughs!

Praying for you - enjoy the last few days of getting up at night to pee but not to feed ;-)

Ej said...

Spelling is gone today! that would be baby and decides

thekeowns said...

your belly doesn't even look that big in that shot. hopefully before the weekend. I hear ya on the whole induction thing. I was induced with Aidan, and we all know how that ended up.
but, lots of people have succesful inductions.

Janelle said...

oh still look so beautiful! i totally know the feelings you are going through! been there, done that. but inductions really are not that bad - i am right with you on the element of surprise...but sometimes the baby is just comfy. :)
my S.I.L just had an amazing induction experience...all positive. and i know you will have the same!
we are very excited for you guys & praying for you too.
though i have to admit...i hope you don't get to read this until after the baby is born because hopefully they just kept you at the hospital this morning!!

Bonnie said...

Well Jamie, I agree, you look great! But I must say that I will be praying that little one comes before they resort to induction. Naomi was induced with their last one, and she says she would never do that again. The labour came FAST and furious and Ava was actually born within only 30 min. from start to finish. She said it was pretty painful actually because of how fast it happened (Sorry, not to make it sound terrible) But I do pray that it will come naturally instead :)
Thinking of you guys!

Bonnie said...

Hang on a may facts wrong. Now that I think of it, Naomi had her water broken, not induction. She said THAT was terrible.
Sorry...wasn't thinking straight. I'm sure it will be a breeze if it happens that way :)

the Dees fam said...

Great attitude Jamie,
You really are putting things into perspective. I hope things start happening on their own as well, but only to get that baby out of you sooner than Wednesday. Here's hoping....
Love, Karen

the salmon said...

i'm checking your blog often hoping you have your baby :D

i am right there with you, two days less overdue than you are but exactly the same emotions and thought processes are going on for me. although, i have not yet resolved to being "ok" with induction (i haven't even had my membranes scraped yet--that would happen on Wednesday, if i am dialated).

i find i'm okay during most of the day and then i get tired at night and think i'd rather the baby not come until i get a little sleep, then when i wake up to pee i think, "what, i haven't had any contractions yet? what's going on?" and then my attitude goes downhill from there.

its a hard time, this waiting. but yes, i keep reminding myself that God knows the best time for our family to welcome this baby into it. my inlaws arrive tomorrow for 6 days from Ontario, so that makes me feel a little under pressure (even though its so obviously out of my control).

here's to hoping with you that you (and i) have the baby(s) before induction!

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

Jamie - I seriously could copy and paste your entire post directly onto my blog. I feel EXACTLY the same way as you do, and have pretty much the exact same scenario - just no non-stress test for me. I never would have thought I'd still "be around" today. I'm continuously praying for you (whenever I pray for myself, which is often - hahaha). Hope the test goes well.

Trevor and Rebekah said...

The more I read your blog and Heather's the more I am trying to prepare myself that my baby will be born in May rather than April 28th. Trev keeps telling me that we should expect the baby a week after the date the Dr. says.
I do pray for you every night and hope that you can experience the surprise before Wednesday. But if you have to be induced God does know best. Take Care and rest in Him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
If your stress test is normal and you have enough amnionic fluid, There is no reason you couldn't have a spontaneous birth. Also , if I were you, I'd have my membranes (water bag) ruptured and with the second baby, that's all you usually need to get started,so hang tough. Also remember, that the 2nd delivery is USUALLY quite different. I have had no babies, but I worked in maternity for 10 years; delivery , post partum care for the mom and baby care immediately after birth. I have deliverd a number of babies my self, when the Doc didn't come because he thought that he had lots of time. My girlfriend worked for 35 years in OB and she was better than any Doctor.
You have to make your own decision but it really sounds like a very normal pregnancy that you have had. This advice is coming from your Aunti Bertha, a retired RN. It is meant to calm you down and remember, that you have all our prayers, winging it's way on a hotline to God.