Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is what we woke up to this morning. I LOVE the snow! It started yesterday evening. Micah was in bed and Erik and I were watching a movie with our fireplace going and the Christmas lights on and our little baby sleeping on our laps. It was so cozy! Too bad the snow won't last forever. We decided not to go into church today which was disappointing since we were hoping to show off our new little girl, but when the weather is like this here, people tend to stay indoors and we figured we'd probably be the only ones of our friends there if we decided to go.
If the snow sticks around Erik may not be able to work tomorrow - which isn't so great for the bank account, but would be kind of nice for me!

Despite the big change in Micah's life this week he has still managed to hit a major milestone - totally unexpectantly, I might add! He has pooped on the potty twice now! On Wednesday, when Erik and I were in the hospital waiting for baby to arrive, Grandma was able to get Micah to go for the very first time. And this morning when Micah told us "poop" we were able to get him undressed and on the toilet in time for success! He clapped his hands and said "Yay, Patah!" -- That's what he calls himself :)

And thankfully Micah has also been sleeping great since Keziah came home. That's such a blessing since I was up quite a bit of the night last night. Keziah seems to like nursing in small amounts but very frequently, so I felt like I was getting up every 45 minutes. Finally I tried the soother and she kept it in her mouth for three hours - long enough to make me feel a little more rested!

And what's a post without pictures of the new baby!!

Keziah after a diaper change. She's got a little bit of dark hair on her head (About the same as Micah had as a newborn).
This was one of my favourite outfits when Micah was a baby.
Keziah's first bath at home.

Getting the armpits cleaned!

We have a big trip coming up next weekend. We have been planning for a few months to fly to Manitoba at the beginning of December - to take advantage of Micah flying for free before he hits his 2nd birthday on December 13th. We expected our new baby would have been born a little sooner, but now she will only be a week a half when we take her on the plane! It shouldn't be a problem except that we have no ID for her. We booked with airmiles and they told us to get some sort of record of her birth as proof that she's really our child! So, hopefully that will all work itself out without too much of a hassle. And hopefully Micah won't be too over-stimulated by all the new changes and a big trip out east.
We will be in Manitoba from Dec 2-10; spending some time on the farm in Boissevain and with family in Winnipeg to celebrate an early Christmas. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing the newest member of our family in person!


thekeowns said...

i can't believe how big she is. I guess I only had 6 pounders and i didn't realize the difference a couple pounds make. I went shopping for her and really hope she fits what I bought!
way to go Micah on the poopy! He is almost 2 now so potty training should be alot easier (This is when Aidan was trained) I was thinking about starting with Liam in the new year. Cass was trained at his age already but I dont think Liam has much of a concept. Although he is very enthrawled with the toilet.

Lindsay said...

she is way too cute! good luck flying with the little ones!

Trev & Rebekah said...

I hope and pray that our flight goes well. I am sure your family will be excited to see you. Too bad you weren't out for longer, I'd love to see the baby, and you ofcourse, in person. I am glad Micah is adjusting to all the changes. That's an answer to prayer.

Amber said...

We don't have as much snow as you, but don't worry (as you like snow), it's been snowing today so there might be some on the ground when you get here.

I loved the discription of you & Erik watching a movie with Keziah...I can't WAIT :)

the Dees fam said...

Sounds like all is well in the Toews household! Have a great early Christmas in Manitoba! And, yay for Micah! I can't wait until we can get Tyler started with potty training too! Even one or two less poopy diapers will be great!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for more pics. she is such a sweetie. We had snow overnightt as well, and hopefully it is here to stay. Way to go Patta. That is awesome!! Hopefully it will stick. can hardly wait to see you. I am sure you will get ID. It is in the Lord's hands love mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for more pics. she is such a sweetie. We had snow overnightt as well, and hopefully it is here to stay. Way to go Patta. That is awesome!! Hopefully it will stick. can hardly wait to see you. I am sure you will get ID. It is in the Lord's hands love mom

kelly said...

so glad to hear micah's sleeping well, and for his milestone! sounds like a big trip coming up! anyway, enjoy the that we're home, we can!

Kirsten said...

What a beautiful mental picture of Christmas lights, a fire, snow in the background, a baby in your lap. Sounds wonderful! I am so glad the snow storm was on a week-end. It felt so right to just enjoy it with friends. So good to hear more about how things are going. Way to go Micah! And can't wait for your trip. Sounds great.

The Kincaids said...

Ahh!! Cute photos! And way to go Micah!! I just wrote on our blog how Jake is starting to be interested in pooping and the potty but is pretty removed from the whole concept. It will come though. I'll be thinking of you tonight- I now know I am not the only one up feeding my baby in the middle of the night!! She is beautiful! Can't wait for the kids to meet one day. If we lived closer they could have sleep overs and jump off bunkbeds on to the mattresses or rock (bounce) on the couch while watching Parent trap movies (each being a triplet) or making movies in the basement (remember when one of us was Mili Vanilli and got married???). I am sure there is a way to get a birth certificate in time. Enjoy your snow- and get used to it for your Manitoba trip!!


Shanilie said...

Wow congradulations! I was gone a few days and check your blog and she's here! Wow, I am so excited for all of you. I am glad you didn't have to have a c. Not fun!

It is great to have snow already. It is a great way to welcome December! Christmas is getting closer! What a wonderful early
Christmas for you and your family. Children are such a joy!

Heather said...

She is so adorable I can't believe it. Let's pre-arrange marriage for our kids. :) I wish I had more time to comment. Our babies actually look really similar - especially the diaper pic, because we have him in Pampers too. Can't wait to take more time to read blogs again. But for now, baby awaits... I am totally in adjustment here, and working through how to do what, and all that. It's scary, overwhelming... but so, SO amazing.

Drea said...

oh my gosh! thats a lot of snow :-)
We havent seen any yet really..
I live in Northern Ohio... so to not see a lot of snow by now its sorta unusual I think.
Last Thanksgiving we had 8 inches.

Kenzie is 2 cute!

Heather said...

Jamie, I wonder if there would be any chance that we could hook up for coffee while you are in Wpg?? That would be neat - but I know how jam packed those trips can be. It would be awesome to meet you and the family though.