Thursday, January 18, 2007

Micah's Bedtime Friends

When Micah goes to bed now he has several requirements before he can settle down to sleep. He has to have all four of his favourite stuffed animals: Froggy, Duck, Monkey & Cow. He also has to have his blankie and don't forget his nukie! (Sometimes he cries until I give him TWO soothers - one for his mouth and one for him to hold...) And lastly we must have the Christmas lights on and sometimes even the fan on. It's quite an ordeal and apparently last night there was a bit of melt-down when Froggy went missing. I was out and Erik was putting Micah to bed. Erik decided to make up a long story about how Froggy was taking a ride in the washing machine until morning and it worked - though they did end up finding him eventually.
Here's Micah the other day watching Dora. He had to have his milk cup in his hand, his blanket over his legs and all of his animals on the little chair with him...


Christy said...

That is adorable!

kelly said...


the salmon said...

They sure do get particular about what they "NEED" eh?

parenting two kids is so hard sometimes! its so new and so foreign --for our toddlers and for us! but we'll all survive, i'm told, we just need to stay positive. thanks for your comments on my blog :) i'm gonna go have a nap now.

Erin said...

how cute is that! I know all about "rituals" at daughter has a few of her own, and when she was younger if she went to bed and I had forgotten to give her her "sucky" (soother) I was in BIG trouble!!!

thekeowns said...

isn't nighttime such a LONG ordeal?? my kids are bad for this too. Especially Aidan. He has too have like 10 different animals with him or he will refuse to sleep. and he is five!! I wish I could say they grow out of it LOL!

Bonnie said...

Kids can sure be needy hey!? :)
I heard Erik is heading to Hepburn for alumni this weekend (wierd that Jon is working with all of them now) :) Are you going with him? I'm sure my brother is nothing shy of giddy about seeing him! Anyway...if you're "bacheloretting" it this weekend...hope it all goes smoothly!

Amber said...

I hear ya Jamie!!!! This is Hailey list of bedtime neccesities:

pillow (eyore pillow & dora pillow)
dora doll
noah & a random farmer
house for farmer
care bear
stuffed snowman
a baby
blanket from grandma jo
3 other blankets
& heater on

It's a process I tell ya! :) Fun post....i'm going to have to share this list on my blog too so that in a couple of years I can look back at it and laugh!! It's incredible how there is room for them to sleep in their beds.

Hope you are doing well!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff to entertain him at night. I wonder if his sister will follow in his shoes when she gets a little older. Does he even have room left in his bed with all his toys? :0)

Renee Shaw said...

Wow! that is quit the list of stuff! I'm not at that point yet for Preston...he's only 12 months, but I'm sure it'll be here before I know it! lol
Cute pics!