Monday, January 22, 2007


Erik made it home from Saskatchewan at about midnight last night. We were all happy to have him back! The weekend on my own went well, though. Friday night Grandma babysat Micah while I had a girls night out with my sister-in-laws and some friends. Saturday was a day trip to Bellingham with the Toews sisters. I was trying to hold back on my spending since I didn't want to pay any duty at the border, but in the end I probably could've bought way more! Oh well, I will have to convince Erik to take me again soon. It's really not that far and SO worth it for the prices at Target! That night we ordered in from Swiss Chalet and watched "The Lakehouse" which I thought was really good even though I'm not a huge Keanu fan. Also that night Micah decided not to go to bed until 11 PM!! He didn't want to miss the party I guess... Yesterday we ventured to church and made it through the singing and then spent the rest of the service in the nursery - still worth it since I got to visit with some of my friends and Micah was able to get out and be around some other kids.

Erik and his brothers were able to play on the same team for the tournament and they won 2nd place. Here's a picture of his team - shamelessly stolen from Janelle's blog :)

Today marks two months since Keziah's birth! She is getting to be much more social and a little more generous with her smiles - though she's pretty serious a lot of the time... I still don't know how much she weighs but we've got an appointment on Wednesday so I'll give an update on her stats then. I'm guessing she's over the 50th percentile for her size. She's almost out of her 0-3 month clothes and several people have guessed her to be 3 months when she's only 2. I wonder if she will outgrow her puny big brother who still hasn't surpassed the 25 lb mark!

As for my personal recovery, it's been so much easier than with Micah. The one thing that seems more difficult this time around is losing the baby weight. I know many of you will tell me not to panic since it's only been two months, but it's frustrating to know it's not coming off as quickly as it did last time. And it's way harder this time to get out and exercise - not only does having two kids make it more challenging, but also having rainy/snowy weather for most of the past 2 months hasn't helped... I just hope that by the time summer rolls around, my body will be a little more back to normal (if there is such a thing after having two kids...)

The weather has been pretty wet around here but I actually noticed some buds on the trees in our backyard today! BC may have lots of rain, but we could be enjoying spring weather as early as next month...

Here's a future blogger in the making:

His new favourite TV show is The Doodlebops and they're only on in the morning but he was asking for them so much that finally I looked up their website where you can watch videos and listen to their songs. I was trying to teach Micah how to operate the mouse so he could click on the songs himself, but that may take a bit more practice!


Cheri said...

Hey James: I know the whole baby weight thing is sooo annoying, one thing I'm not looking forward to with the next pregnancy. And I say I will try hard not to eat too much, but I don't do well with the will power thing!!! When I was living without Grant during the week and trying to sell our house I lost quite a bit of weight, back down to when we got married I'd say or BBI days anyway. And I was SUPER excitd! But then Christmas happened and well, I guess I thought I was invincible or somehting and could eat what I wanted and wouldn't gain anything!! I didn't gain a tonne of weight, probably only around 2-4 pounds, but it is enough that I feel yucky!! My husband of course says I am skinny and lovely, etc. but I FEEL awful. And I'm findng it really hard this winter to be motivated to do anything. i am doing a workout video with Elle MacPherson but I'm having a hard time feeling motivated too and don't feel like I'm seeing enough results so it's depressing! Anyway, sorry, this was supposed to be encouraging!! What I was going to say was that I didn't notice a whole lot with weight loss after Riley until 4 months. then it just seemed to drop off quite a bit and fast, for a little while anyway. It also helps if you have some sort of motivation to help you. I had my sister and brothers weddings to fit into a nice dress for so that helped a lot!! Anyway, this is now an essay or letter, sorry about that. I really just wanted to encourage and tell you you're not alone and to hang in there! You will bounce back and so will your body. It just takes time. I also think it is harder the second time because you know you got rid of it the first time but it seems to take so much longer cause not much is "unknown" with the second one cause you've been through it once already. Anyway, take care and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, when I come and see you, we'll do the Target thing, and we'll geet out and walk everyday. I bought a little summery outfit for Keziah. It's 6-9 monmths, so I hope it will still fit her. love you mom

Renee Shaw said...

Luckily I haven't had to be without my husband for any time with our now 1 yr. old, and I hope I don't have to be when the new one comes! Lots of work, during the day is enough for me! lol
I have heard many people say that losing weight with the 2nd one is much easier, but not that I'v read your story, yikes, I better start cuttin back the junk food already! lol No I'v done really good with my weight so far, but I know it's in the last few months you gain the most, so I'll be carefull!
Super cute pics of the kids too. My son was always at least 75th% for his weight, and now he's 24.5 pounsd and he just turned 1 last week! I know there were some outfits that he only got to wear 1 time because of the size on them, I didn't think to try them on...and bang he was out of 0-3 months when he was 1.5/2 months! He has always been a tank!
Good luck with teaching Micah more about the mouse.

Lindsay said...

maybe you can explain the Lakehouse to me, then! I think I need to see it again because I was lost the first time around! :)

Jamie said...

Cheri - I've been meaning to tell you that you look amazing in all the blog pics I've seen - definitely not like you've had two kids! So whatever you're doing must be working :) I'm holding out for that magic 4 month mark!!

Renee - I wish I would've been more disciplined to cut back on the junk food while I was pregnant! I thought I was doing pretty good and I then I just kept gaining and gaining in that last month!

Lindsay - I actually watched The Lakehouse again the next day while Micah napped and it DID help to understand it a bit better!

the Dees fam said...

Happy 2 months, Keziah! Sounds like you survived the weekend on your own, no problem Jamie! Good for you!
And, yes, it was great to escape Mommy-hood for a week - although we did miss Tyler lots!! It was the get-away we needed, for sure! And, I do see a resemblence to Tyler in the ultrasound of baby #2, now that you mention it. I should get out his 4D ultrasound and compare....

thekeowns said...

wow, Keziah defiantly is out of her newborn stage hey? she looks SO much bigger.
and what is with the doodlebops?? Liam loves them too (but not as much as the wiggles)
as for pregnancy weight. . .urgh! don't you hate it? I gained next to nothing when I was pregnant but always gained when I was nursing. i was just SO hungry and ate way to much! and as soon as I quit nursing, it fell off. don't worry, it hasn't been that long yet. Come summertime you will find you will be more active anyways.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you and the Toews girls had a really fun weekend! I still haven't seen the Lakehouse but have been curious about it. Did you like it? I'm also not too big on Keanu but I do like Sandra Bullock.
By the way, I love that picture of Micah...he seriously looks like a miniature man sitting at the computer like that....looks WAY older than just 2! :)
I actually just saw your hubby. I was on my way back to Chilliwack from Mission (I was there for work) so I took the guys some coffee. I promised Jon I would stop by seeing as it was on the way and I figured they could use something warm after all this crappy weather :) It was good to chat with Erik...he seemed to really enjoy seeing Craig this last weekend (I was totally jealous) as well as everyone else.
Anyway...hope you're having a good day...just wanted to say hi :)

Amber said...

Please don't tell Hailey about the DB website. They are ok for that 20 minutes they are on, but if I would have to listen to them longer than that I may just completely lose it. (can you tell I'm all doodle-bopped-out?)

I'm glad you had a good weekend....way to go super-momma-of-2!!

Janelle said...

you're supposed to LOSE the baby weight???? what???? how come no one told me this! i've been hanging onto it for dear like for like - 22 months!!! this piece of information could have been useful, you know! :) :) :)
i'm glad you had such a good weekend with the girls! i'd love to join you for TARGET! maybe we should go camping in the States so that we can spend a day there! :)
yippeee for Doodlebops! love you!

Drea said...

im glad to hear you survived with your hubby gone :-) im sure your happy he is back.

Your lil micah is smaller than Caleb. how old is he? Calebs 2 and 4 months and weighs 33 lbs :-)

Taite will be smaller i think.

I think u look just fine though! the little weight you have to loose will come off in time and if not thats ok. You dont need to loose any.

oh and caleb lovesss the doodlebops. he also loves backyardigans on nickalodeon.

forgive the typos im using one hand and feeding taite :-) gtg!

patti said...

oh the doodlebops...i feel like amber. but the website might come in handy at some point. i'll keep that in mind.