Monday, January 08, 2007

Plugged Up

This weekend brought with it a nasty head cold. We all seem to be suffering from it except for Micah - and I'm praying that, by some miracle, he will avoid it! I slept awful last night between blowing my nose and coughing and struggling to breathe through the congestion. I was also up listening to Keziah struggling to breathe through her very stuffy nose. I tried to suction her out a few times but that just made her more upset! Anyway, I hope it passes quickly.

Our weekend was pretty low-key as a result. We had some fun at Nate & Rosanna's on Saturday night eating dinner and just hanging out. Here's a shot of Keziah from that evening (stolen from Rosanna's blog :)...
It's hard to see in this picture, but the bib she's wearing doubles as a soother-clip. I got in on sale this week at Please Mum and it's pretty neat!

Yesterday morning we skipped church since we felt so lousy, but we still attended the TREK pizza supper in the evening. Erik and I went on TREK four years ago to Piura, Peru and now we have been asked to be on the leadership team for the winter program. It was fun meeting all the new Trekker's and it sure brought back a lot of memories for us!

And here's Micah! (I'm posting fewer pictures of him these days!) One of our neighbours "gifted" us this high-chair thing-y that his kids have outgrown. We considered just shipping it off to MCC, but we decided to give it a whirl and it's actually really great. Micah loves sitting right up at the table with us and this seat takes up way less space than his massive high-chair. I just think it looks so funny from the side - like he's hanging in mid-air!

Oh, and I had to add one more bit of good news. My nephew Noah got out of the hospital just in time for their family to take their much-awaited trip to Florida. He's actually doing quite well and the warm weather seems to be helping. His brother Josh & sister Kailyn are beside themselves with excitement from what I hear :) I'm just so happy that they get to have this vacation together!


Summer said...

Awww!!! I hope you guys feel better soon. I also want to say that Keziah is a real beauty, and Micah is a handsome boy.

the Dees fam said...

I'm glad Noah gets to have a vacation with his family too! And, I totally know the stuffed up nose feeling. We've had colds in our house too....I hope we ALL feel better soon!!

Bonnie said...

Praise the Lord for your nephew Noah!! That's awesome that they were able to go on their family trip...hope it goes really well for them.
And that picture of Keziah is beautiful!! She looks so stoic, but cute all at the same time. And I definitely think she's got Erik in her!
Hope you feel better soon.

Drea said...

Hope you all feel better soon... its going around. Taite is still stuffy :-(

I use to have a chair like that as a baby. I considered buying one for taite and getting rid of our high chair... will see! :-)

thekeowns said...

that chair is rather funny!!! I have seen them before and always wondered if they work great. We don't use a highchair, way to much space. We use a booster for Liam.

Anonymous said...

Very cool that you are going to be on the Trek leadership team. That would be a dream of mine but we don't live that close. We are now considering Trek 3 in the future. Hopefully in 4 to 5 years.
Hope you get over your cold soon-Rebekah Friesen

Anonymous said...

hi guys. sorry you are having colds. we are ll doing good here. noah had a few coughing fits last night, but he's doing good. keep those prayers coming. tty soon love granny

Shanilie said...

aww poor girl! The colds have struck yet another person. I can't get over how contageous they seem to be this winter. Hope you get better soon and that no one else in the fam. gets it.

Those chairs are GREAT~! They save so much space and helps them to learn how to act at the table. I have one for Jacob that was given to me from a shower but still haven't gotten around to setting it up.

Great new about Noah. God is good!

Anonymous said...

We've been fighting some pretty bad colds here too - Sadie even had her first fever. I hope Micah misses out. Awesome chair - second hand finds and hand me downs are the best. Your kids are getting so big! Very cute pictures - it's nice to check in on you guys regularly.

erin g.

the salmon said...

jamie, again, we are in the same boat as far as colds go over here.

my brother recommended trying Salinex, a salt-water drop in the nose that helps thin out the mucus to help little ones breathe better.

its good for us, toddler, and babies. we have tried it with Ezekiel and it seems to really help.

Derek couldn't find Salinex but the pharmacist advised him to buy Saline Nasal Mist (which works as a drop if you tip it over rather than try to mist it straight up).

my brother suggested giving it an hour before bed so it has time to work through the system (it tricks the stomach into thinking its blood so it passes through the intestines and cleans out mucus rather quickly). it did change his poop to a very yellow colour.