Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rooster Tail and other stuff

I had to post some pictures to draw attention to Micah's hair. It's been growing out from his buzz-cut for awhile now and I keep waiting for it to get long enough to lay flat on his head, but so far it's still sticking straight up like a rooster tail at the top. I used to think he had my hair (fine and thin), but now I'm convinced he didn't get my hair genes...

Keziah's starting to enjoy this little playtent. Sometimes I catch her smiling at the hanging toys :)

Here are Daddy & Micah enjoying some quality time the other night after supper. Micah has grown even more attached to him since Keziah was born. He gets SO excited when Erik comes home at the end of the day. I do too because I know Micah will be a happier kid!
Here they are playing hockey in the hallway (one of Micah's favourite things to do with dad OR mom) and the other shots are just some good father-son fun!

Here is Keziah in her bouncy chair. I think she's enjoying sitting up a bit more and watching what's going on around her. She hasn't really smiled at Micah yet, I think she is mostly startled by his craziness!
It's requiring a lot of my time during the day to get her to nap. Sometimes she goes down easy and other times it takes me up to an hour of holding, rocking, etc. to have any success. And I wish she would STAY sleeping. I was really frustrated with her the other day but then yesterday was a bit better. I think it's harder this time around because I see the time it takes away from Micah when I have to hold Keziah so much.
With that said, she is also a lot more fun these days - smiling more and responding to our voices. I really want to enjoy this baby stage and I often remind myself to savour the feeling of holding her since she will be big before we know it!

That's all for today. Erik and I are on a cleaning rampage and there's still more to do!


Matt said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. Not totally sure how I got here...links from other blog sites. I don't really use blogger myself but you can check out what I've been up to in botswana at blessings on you and your family in 2007

Amber said...

uh oh, you just reminded me that I haven't been on MY cleaning rampage today.

I think I'll be that way too with our next baby - savouring every moment. Of course with the first you enjoy it too, but now we know just how wicked fast everything happens!

† Amber

Renee Shaw said...

I would have to say the same as Amber...I think that I will savor the time more. My 2nd is due in May (again same as Amber), so if ya figure out a good way to manage 2 kids by then let me know!!

Christy said...

Yes I need all the advice I can get with 2 kids as well! So keep sharing! haha!

I was just wondering if you have tried putting Keziah in a swing for naptime? Our son had a hard time falling asleep around that age too but as soon as we got the swing he slept awsome. We only used it for naptime.

Laura said...

I love cleaning rampages!!! Joel doesn't share my enthusiasm. Olivia wasn't a very good napper either, she usually just slept in her bouncer chair wherever I was at the time, usually in the kitchen. She really liked to be in the center of the action. But Maddy wasn't napping much by then, so I didn't really miss those quite times. I'm glad she sleeps well at night, that helps so much. Both mine were GREAT sleepers.
Love ya,

Bonnie said...

Love the hair Micah! Very cool :) Keziah-- looking beautiful as always.

thekeowns said...

LOL!!! Liam is getting that same hairdo!! and I too have been debating whether I buzz it again or try and grow it out.
I love cleaning rampages too! who know I would turn into a clean freak! (and like Joel, Steve does not share my same passion)
Liam lived in his bouncer chair. He loved it more then his swing. But with him, i made sure right from the start to teach him to sleep in his crib at naps. And it paid off cauze he is my best sleeper!

thekeowns said...

oh and I was going to say don't worry about letting her fuss a bit to fall asleep. When I would lay Liam down, he would have to fuss a bit to fall asleep. Every time he seem to fuss a little less and after a while he went to sleep as soon as he was layed down.

kelly said...

Wow, is she ever growing! very cute. I hope that her naps get better - i know how hard that can be, but must be so much tougher with a toddler around too! Maybe we should have a visit this week during the day when the hubbies are at work!

Summer Engh said...

Hi Jamie. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and i just want to comment that Keziah is really cute and Micah is a handsome boy.

Drea said...

A friend of mine who now has a 16 yr old, 10 yr old and 6 yr old I believe (she lost a son who would be 15 now, when he was 5).. but any how. When her 1st son was a little over a yr. old her 2nd son was born and she has told me that her 1st son got extremely attached to their father.
I can see it in Caleb as well. I think this is very normal for any child who becomes a brother. I think its kind of neat in ways :-) although Caleb still calls for his "mama" often :) hehe.

I cant believe how big Keziah is! Taite will be like that in no time... :-( they grow to fast!!!